“E = MCS” Video – Coming This Week!

I am already deep into the editing process, so I’ll update everyone who isn’t on the pre-ordered notice list:

The “E = MCS” video, which will present the Simplest Golf Swing Ever (if you’re also talking about mechanical-correctness and not the flawed and back-damaging modern swing models), will be completed this week!

It likely won’t be until the end of the week, but it’s Tuesday and I’ve been making great headway after having begun the editing, and there’s no doubt I’ll be finished by Friday, barring some unforeseen disaster.

How is it so simple?

Well, I’ve talked about, once you have the proper set-up from which to swing, the back swing pivot consists of “One Major Move,” which includes the hips and legs:

Much of the video deals with what you have to know and comprehend before you can make that one move (the stance, the simple leg and hip action, the swing point, etc.).

You can also say that, once you’ve got the “One Major Move” down for the back swing pivot, you only have one major move to make on the down swing as well – the “Drop & Pop” or what Moe Norman called the “Master Move,” and that takes you to impact.

Not only that:

It also explains not only what the Swing Point being the C7 is, the video explains how the pressure and weight transfer below that swing point creates the effortless leverage that is the hallmark of the MCS swing,

How the club face can be affected by an improper setup with the spine bias (why so many good players having hooking problems, especially),

How the simple transfer of pressure points in the feet can make your pivot virtually turn itself,

How you can practice and perfect your “Floating Pivot” and the “One Major Move” with nothing more that a wall,

How the unique signature of the MCS simple swing model is the similarity of the Address Position to the Impact,

mcs addr-imp

And much more!

I have produced a good number of swing videos over the years since my first was released in July 2010 (how time flies!), but this video has me more excited and enthused about editing (which I usually detest), because it just gets better and better before my eyes as I proceed.

I could be biased, of course – it’s my swing model – but if you’ll recall that I predicted this video would surpass all previous MCS swing videos, then you’ll have a good idea where I’m coming from, if you have enjoyed any of the preceding efforts.

So, while the weather delayed things this spring, at the end of the end, I think the delay was a great thing, as a good portion of what’s in the video wouldn’t have been in it if I had shot it weeks ago as planned.

Things just kept getting better and simpler for me as I worked on the presentation, and I don’t think it will get any simpler, so it’s a great time to be finishing things.

Then you’ll see just how simple the mechanically-correct swing action can be, when explained and demonstrated the way it is in “E = MCS.”

Won’t be long now, my friends!  

And now… back to work!



6 thoughts on ““E = MCS” Video – Coming This Week!

  1. David

    Better hurry up DJ, your grasshoppers are waiting!!! Nancy put me on golf hiatus until the video arrives I am so bad 🙂 I am lost and even google maps can’t help, only E=MCS will lead me to the promised land.

    1. D Watts Post author

      LOL I don’t know if it’s that you need the help so badly or that you’ve just lost your groove having had all of that post-surgery time off, DK!

      However, no worries, because whatever the reason, the cavalry is on the way… counting down the hours ’til release day! We’ll talk soon 🙂

  2. SpartyGuy

    Huge thumbs up! Having been chasing the “magic elixir” with time and money for a while now, I seem to have finally found the real deal. I’m only a couple weeks into my MCS experience, so the timing could not be better.

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’re hot on the trail, I have to say, SpartyGuy – gratifying to see people as eager to figure out a mechanically-correct swing after all the years of modern swing misery! 🙂

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