Steph Curry’s Not Too Bad Modern Golf Swing

There’s been some buzz about Steph Curry receiving an sponsor’s exemption to play in a event next month, so I thought I’d take a look at what I could find with his swing on the internet.

Now, he’s very fortunate to be an athlete, and a pretty gifted one, with hand-eye coordination anyone would kill for (those treys, those treys), and standing at 6’3″ or 1.91m in height – Steph Curry gets away with his modern golf swing model for one reason.

That reason?

He swings within the limitations of the planted-heel restricted-hip golf swing he was taught.

In his younger days, it’s said he was close to scratch handicap and currently stands a little over 2.0, but as long as he doesn’t try to exceed the limitations of that model, he’ll not likely hurt himself.

This is the thing about the modern golf swing – if you’re going to simply plant that heel, it’s going to restrict the hip turn on the takeaway.

That’s bad enough, as it robs you of much of the leveraging power you get from the top down to impact, very basically, because you don’t have the full hip turn to power the down swing.

Steph Curry Hitting Iron Off The Tee

But if you leave it there, no problem – you’ll just be hitting the ball shorter than you could otherwise hit it, and you may suffer some consistency issues with the restricted back swing – just don’t try to increase your back swing length by twisting the lower back against those restricted hips!

And it doesn’t look like he’s doing that in the swings I’ve seen.

Like Butter…

I see an athletic pivot that stops when it reaches the limits imposed by the planted leading foot, but no twisting lower back.

No violent change of direction, and it’s a relaxed motion.

I see potential for a lot more power and speed here, and keep in mind S.C. is still in his 20’s.

So he’ll get less and less out of this swing as his flexibility wanes, and then he might start wanting to look into a more mechanically-sound swing model that will allow him to keep playing without losing length.

Steph Curry Hits Iron Off The Tee, Again

Come to think of it, there’s absolutely no reason for him to not swing with a more mechanically-sound model with a free hip turn – he’d be able to go after it with a lot more zip than he is right now!

However, my primary concern when looking at swings is the injury risk, and the way he’s swinging right now, I don’t see any big concerns.

However, if you’re asking me about power and speed – sure, Steph could get a whole lot more out of his golf swing with his athleticism – get those hips swinging freely and this young man could very well give playing pro golf a shot when he’s done knocking those treys down.

If he was a near-scratch player with that type of swing…imagine what he’d do if he were able to give that athletic physique free reign with a driver and his irons!



4 thoughts on “Steph Curry’s Not Too Bad Modern Golf Swing

    1. D Watts Post author

      I remember when his dad played for the Raptors back at the turn of the millennium… class act.

  1. Chief Cowpie

    A most graceful and wondrous athlete to behold in his other venue is Steph Curry but even he cannot make the Modern Golf swing easy on the eye.

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