Did I Give Away How Simple The Swing Can Be?

In the comments section of yesterday’s posting, I think I gave away how simple the MCS Golf Swing model has become, with all of the work I’ve been doing since January on simplifying it.

Two things happened during that time, which I shared with you all – first, I switched from setting up with the ball as a directive, and went to a body-oriented ball position, which got rid of my need to have a more angled stance line (to the target line).

The second was when I began to use the SwingRite again, which had been dormant for years, due to my inability to click it on a lower setting than 5 or 4.5, and found that I could get it to click all the way down to the 2 setting and a little lower, by using the right arm over the left-side leverage with which I usually swing.

These two developments caused some adjustments to my stance and obviously my mechanical action within the MCS model, and it’s been a process of ever simplifying things since then, until we are where we are now.

From the comment to Laser yesterday:

I’ve broken the swing down, as far as major swing thoughts, into a couple of really simple instructions:

Back Swing

– Pivot the hips & body (the shoulders) with the pressure transfer in the feet,
– Combine the pressure transfer with the “one major move.”

your back swing.

Down Swing

– Initiate the transition with the Moe’s Master Move concept,
– Combine with the pressure transfer in the feet to “Drop & Pop.”

End scene.

Everything you see in the above swing is contained in those two simple steps – many of you have heard the “Drop & Pop” going back to the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video, but that’s also the nature of Moe Norman’s “Master Move” from the top.

This all, of course, is predicated on one’s having built the proper address with the Fundamentals Trifecta (Stance, Grip & Ball Position), but if you do, then you’ll find that using the Pressure Plate concept will literally turn your pivot for you, and all you have to do it let it happen, along with the “one major move.”

Similarly, for the transition and down swing, you have only to again use the Pressure Plate concept and the “Moe Master Move,” and there you are.

It’s how I can go to the range after a week or two between sessions still be in the 170s & low 180s in ball speed mph, without straining a muscle.

It’s why, at the same time I’m generating that ball speed, you don’t see me flailing, jumping or twisting all over the place while swinging the club – I’m using leverage produced by the proper pivoting of one’s body mass.

And when you do that with a stable swing point, you will generate effortless leverage:

Back to work for me.

I’ll wish my friends and readers south of the border a Happy 4th of July now, and bid you a safe and enjoyable holiday!