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Let’s Look At the Drop & The Pop (Part 1)

If you can get to the “Drop” position, your down swing is half over – the other half is the “Pop” which, as I’ve stated, includes the motion from the “3 to 9 O’Clock” positions when viewing a swinger from behind.

Although the down swing is a continuous motion to the finish, and although the only things that matter (to the ball) are over at impact, there is a way to break the down swing into two separate components for drilling, I am sure.

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So…What’s Your Problem?

I was initially of the mind that an all-round supplemental video on the different problems people run into with the golf swing wasn’t something people would want or could use, but the recent week has made me re-think that.

I know that you can’t cover every single little thing with the golf swing in a video, unless you’re prepared to make it an hours-long thing, and I have found that anything longer than an hour makes it tough to absorb everything.

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New Video – Are You Doing The “Wall Drill?”

If there is one thing you can do to improve your pivot and you haven’t been doing it – I can’t recommend the “Wall Drill” in the new “E = MCS” video enough.

Everything that matters in the golf swing, when it comes to the pivot, to speed & power production, is found below the belt – this is the power area, in the hips & legs, and the “Wall Drill” was developed to aid people in getting to that area.

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You Won’t Believe How Easy These Swings Look…

I don’t myself, and I’m the one in the video!

These swings are from Monday, when I went to the range to get in some swing work and to focus on that “One Major Move” with the right arm and side.

I wasn’t swinging all-out, probably in the low-170 mph range with the regular driver (I had the radar out to keep an eye on the speed), but when I got home to look at the video, I was scratching my head.

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Dustin Johnson Proves MCS Theory Beats Modern Swing

**David D. sent me this Youtube clip…

How does he do that, when I’ve never met Dustin Johnson, who has likely never heard of DJ Watts or MCS Golf Swing theory?

Well, Dustin Johnson proves the MCS Theory by producing the same kind of ball speed numbers that I can – but he’s a 6’4″ PGA Tour player, ranked #1 in the world, and a far better athlete than I am!

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I Missed The Long Drive Window – However…

I unfortunately missed the window on a possible shot at competing in the Masters (Senior) class at the upcoming World Long Drive Championship in Oklahoma next month, due to the delays with the “E = MCS” video.

The weather wreaked havoc on my shooting schedule and delayed release nearly a month, and that month, if I had been able to complete the video in late June, would have given me the time to work out on the swing and gauge whether it would be feasible to give it a whirl.

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The EMCS Video Trailer Is Out

If you already downloaded and watched the “E = MCS” video, I’d love to hear what you think of the trailer I put up yesterday!

The feedback on the video itself has been better than I had imagined, certainly better than I had hoped – it seems that I underestimated just how simple the swing model can be, when I originally set out on this video.

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Is The Tide Turning On The Modern Golf Swing?

I ask that question, and of course I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but I fervently hope so, and I read something this morning that gives me this hope.

For a long time, I can remember being very lonely in my insistence that you don’t want to restrict the hip turn on your back swing pivot, because the lower back is nearly fused to the hips – I found this excellent description of the range of twisting motion you can expect from ┬áthe lower back or lumbar region:

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“3 O’Clock To 9 O’Clock” Is The Power Zone

Everything about the MCS swing model, being mechanically-correct, points to one thing, over and over – efficient power & speed production using your own body’s mass and leverage rather than muscle power when swinging the club.

There’s a point in the “E = MCS” swing video in which I talk about what happens after the “Drop” in the “Drop & Pop,” which is the down swing to and through impact, and let me show you all something here.

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Why The MCS Golf Swing IS “The Simplest Golf Swing Ever”

I’ve compiled some iron swings taken a couple of months back when I was producing the “E = MCS” video, because of course, the video is about how to swing, not a showcase for my own swing.

There are of course some of my swings in the video for demo purposes, but the place to really look at the MCS Golf Swing rather than learn how to swing this way, is here on the blog, where people can watch swing clips until their eyes fall out, if they wish.

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