You Want To Swing, Not Hit Positions

There is a tendency in the modern golf swing age, especially with the ease of obtaining video of swings, to try to teach, learn and perform the golf swing as a series of “positions” that must be hit.

That is, frankly speaking, nonsensical – you can always look at positions in still frames of a video, but trying to hit those positions will not work if you’re not swinging with a certain mechanical action from a certain starting (address) position.

So, in my own humble opinion, there are only three significant positions that matter, and really, you eliminate one and go to two.

They are:

  • Address Position,
  • Back Swing Top Position,
  • Impact Position

I focus on the address, address, address and for a good reason – you can’t have a solidly built structure on a flimsy foundation, and the foundation of the swing is the address position or the Fundamentals Trifecta (Stance, Grip & Ball Position).

I also focus on the impact, and as the below gif. shows, I’ve been able to build a golf swing model that has a very close address-impact relation:

These are the two positions that really matter, and you really can’t get to a proper impact position with consistency and without a bunch of compensations without a proper address  position from which to start.

So, the top position is important but largely irrelevant to the actual swing, because if your address and impact positions are solid, you’re obviously going from good to good, and what’s in between… doesn’t really matter, does it?

However, I will repeat – if you’re going from a solid address to a solid impact, you’re likely doing the right things in between:

So, remember that you can’t stitch positions together like patches for a quilt – you won’t get one “proper” position consistently (without endless hours of drilling as the modern swing golfers must do), if you’re not properly positioned in the previous segment of the swing, and so on, until you reach – the address position.

Just something to keep in mind – I have very little in my mind when I’m swinging, because the thinking occurred when I was building my models, studying them and then working on mechanics with a swing stick.

When I’m actually swinging and hitting balls… I don’t think of much…


2 thoughts on “You Want To Swing, Not Hit Positions

  1. Laser

    Off topic…I like the new background for the website. It’s easy on the eyes…frames the content, but does not distract.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Laser – I actually prefer a low-key webpage myself. I like the content to be what brings people if they come, not any bells and whistles. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

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