Driver – 187 MPH Ball Speed Today

I slipped out to the range today for an hour to hit some balls, to see how things would go after having practiced my setup procedure for a few days.

I had just gone out to get some exercise and make some full swings, but I predicted late last winter that I’d be increasing my numbers with the tighter pivot that I had worked on.

You’ll remember that I had said I’d be able to get some numbers following the “E = MCS” video project completion… however…

I warmed up with a half-dozen irons and grabbed my TM RBZ Ben Hogan CS3 driver, circa 2006, since I had broken the face on my RBZ last week.

Now I know why…

I ripped some drives with the Ben Hogan, then a few with the KZG PFT300, some drives with the Geek Dot-Com-This, and finally the SMT Nemesis long driver.

One thing I noticed was that I can no longer consistently hit the Geek nor the KZG very well, as the shafts just can’t take the loading – everything with them was going right of right.

I was absolutely pounding the SMT, with a heavy, mushy feeling at impact that I haven’t experienced before with that driver.

I went back to the CS3, which has a 7.5 degree loft with an Aldila NV-H 70-S shaft on it (yeah, it’s an oldie but a goodie, right, Chief?), and after a couple of massive drives, I couldn’t resist getting the Swing Speed Radar out to get some ball speed numbers about halfway through the bucket.

I was in the high-170s-to-low-180s in ball speed with my CS3 driver and kicked myself for not having gotten the camera out when I hit 183, because I like to get proof of the things I say I’m doing (no need to embellish when you’re swinging MCS, as anyone who has hit balls with me will attest), so I got it out and…

I Hit 187 MPH With the Ben Hogan CS3

I was surprised, because I’m not really in swing shape – I’ve probably hit balls 3 times in the last two weeks, and that includes today, and I did it with a driver I haven’t really used much at all and am only using now because I haven’t had time to get a new “go-to” driver since breaking the RBZ.

I recorded 188 mph ball speed with the SMT Nemesis a bit later, but was disappointed because I had been crushing that club before I got out the radar and camera and was running out of juice by the time I got the radar going for the Nemesis.  I figure I was in the low 190s at the least at some point early on, but I’ll have to wait to get those numbers later.

And before I tuckered out completely, I registered 161 mph with the Momentus Power Driver – you saw guys yesterday on TV in the 150s and 160s, at the U.S. Open!

Now, I was getting pretty tired at the end (the regular driver is no problem to swing all day, but the longer long drive club and the Momentus will take it out of you if you hit enough balls with them), but I’m looking very realistically at 200 mph with the Nemesis, and at least 165 with the Momentus, if I take the numbers when I’m fresh, or perhaps after increasing my stamina over the next few weeks by swinging more.

Just saying… how does a 47 year old guy who is just a swing researcher, analyst and very nearly the definition of a couch potato (with a back back, scoliosis) who doesn’t work out or even hit balls every day, get this kind of ball speed?

Wax Nation knows the answer of course – technique, namely the MCS “perfect pivot” and leveraging which I maximize with the new setup procedure that will be in the new video.

Ironic that I was swinging a Ben Hogan driver and using his pivot action, wouldn’t you say?

And if I hit 200 mph ball speed, I’ll be taking a serious look at a trip to Oklahoma at summer’s end to dip my toe in the long drive pool, Senior section…


12 thoughts on “Driver – 187 MPH Ball Speed Today

    1. D Watts Post author

      I think I’m going to go the custom-fitted route for my next driver, Tom…would be something to see what I could do with something other than off the rack!

  1. Lance

    Sounds real good…can’t wait for the release of the new vid! Take your time and I know this vid will be slick with the new concepts and camera work!

    1. D Watts Post author

      I will definitely take my time with the editing of this video, Lance – that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get it done as quickly as possible. I would have been on track for a next-week release had the weather cooperated this spring, but it’s been brutally wet and cloudy.

      Even today it was sunny, but the range was nearly standing-water-wet (my footprints were filling up where I was hitting balls) and would have been very sloppy for shooting. Good thing for me I don’t lunge and heave at the ball, so keeping my footing isn’t the problem it might have been a few years back.

      I just need a couple of days of dry sunny weather and then another one for the actual shooting, but I’m working on the tutorial so I’ll be prepared.

      Another good news on the delay side – the video will be so much better than it would have been if I’d shoot the tutorial right away. So, in the words of the immortal TW – “It’s a process, and it is what it is…” 😉

  2. buddhabob

    your pounding it DJ kind of like a Nolan Ryan fast ball that picks up speed thru the strike zone… pretty impressive stuff. Now who the Hell is Cameron Champ, a kid from college in the hunt at the Open with an average drive of 349, what is that all about. I cannot get footage on him. Do you have any? Keep pounding.

    1. D Watts Post author

      All I could find on him was that he’s 22 and still in college, but I imagine we’ll see lots of him on the weekend, sitting T8!

      Also, I was thinking after the first round that we would likely have another 1st-time major winner this weekend. The closest major winners after Round 1 were 5-6 strokes behind, and now the closest major winners in pursuit to start Round 3 are Sergio Garcia and Martin Kaymer, 4 back at -3, but T19.

      Looking very likely that we’ll have a 1st-time major champ, but Paul Casey, Brooks Koepka at -7, Rickie Fowler and JB Holmes at -6, Si Woo Kim, Brandt Snedeker and Hideki Matsuyama at -5 are contenders whose maiden victory wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

      Not to discount the others, but some pretty big names and multi-event winners all looking to break through and leading or within 2…should make for an interesting finish!

  3. peterallenby2013

    Wow…Rainy days here on Cape Cod as well DJ.

    But the clearly impressive aspect of these swings is despite the uncooperative weather limiting time on the range, you are hitting swing speeds you haven’t seen before. THAT is all the testament one needs to understand this methodology works!

    Frank?..Frank!! Are you listening and watching – There are some pros who need to embrace this concept..

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the smile this morning, Peter – last I heard from Frank he’d just finished putting in 12 hour days for the Golf Channel features, and he’s doing the late show as well.

      And your point echoes mine – I’ve barely had any time for real swing work this spring, yet my numbers are on the rise – I’ll be getting after it once the video and eBook are complete, as others need this more than I need to hit balls, but I’m getting antsy to see what I can do!

      Of course, we had yet more rain overnight… 😦

      Enjoy the weekend, should be some exciting golf!

  4. buddhabob

    Hope you do get down to Oklahoma and win the thing. What a great opportunity for you to expand what you have to offer, just imagine how quickly the word would spread DJ. Do it! Listening to a Dodger game on the radio while driving into work, the announcer an old MLB guy and X player himself said two thing about great power hitting. ”

    We have to teach the kids coming up in batting practice to stay back behind the ball as its coming in” and “We try to teach them to clear their hips freely thru the power zone first before their hands” Pretty simple.

    People know intuitively that most of that power comes from those freely swinging hips. I watch Nicklaus. He was not a large man but he sure seemed it the way he hit. Roger Marris was not a large man. Mickey Mantle was not much over 190 I think.

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