Time For A Wax Golf Face Lift (Updated)

Update below the break

If you notice any changes in the blog’s appearance in the coming days, don’t be alarmed – it isn’t going anywhere, and if you see some missing posts, that’s part of what’s going to be happening.

Simply, I’ve taken a look at everything here and think a change is in order – I’ve got over 1,400 posts written on this blog or posted from previous blogs, most of which I’ve taken down for now, as I decide what to keep and what to discard (which I don’t really – I put them back into “draft status” in case I want or need to revive them, and that keeps any comments on them still alive as well).

What has occurred is, obviously, I have come to the end of my swing research, and I’ve simplified the MCS Golf Swing theory and basic model to the absolute simplest that I can manage, and from what I see in the model, it isn’t going to get any simpler.


I would be remiss in neglecting to thank everyone who has visited the blogs over the years, and a major part of the need for the changes is that, until I said, “this is it,” which I am basically saying now, the blog was essentially a real-time window into my swing research and model-building.

Now that we’ve left that phase, it would be fairly confusing and misleading to newer visitors who are not aware of the process, and so years-old posts (even months-old or weeks-old posts, if dealing with the model-building and tweaking process).

For these reasons alone, it is time to update the site, but I’ll end the update now and return to the original posting.


So, there are things that I posted in earlier days which I may find inaccurate now based on the final MCS model and concepts, and of course, there’s no point in endlessly re-hashing all of the thing I have written over the years while the research was still ongoing.

I will likely edit and re-post many of these posts, but for the time being, most of them require editing or outright removal.

I have been planning to do this for a while, but this is the weekend in which to take the first steps – the “E = MCS” video will be out shortly, and while there is still a treasure-trove of goodness in the previous MCS videos, this latest video will separate itself from the others for the following reasons:

  • Better and the most up-to-date content on the swing model and mechanics,
  • Better production quality,
  • This will be what I consider to be the “optimal” model and not just a mechanically-correct model,
  • Many of the posts and videos have out-dated concepts, while the MCS model in “E = MCS” will have what I feel are the best concepts that I’ve developed newly or from the previous years of modeling

I will also be updating the header pages, so if you notice things moving about or changing, it’s simply the real-time changes that you’ll be seeing.

Shooting continues this coming week on “E = MCS” and when that is completed, the countdown will begin to release day!

A great weekend to all.



2 thoughts on “Time For A Wax Golf Face Lift (Updated)

    1. D Watts Post author

      I can’t guarantee I won’t do that, Chief – I’ve been doing it all spring – but for the better… 😉

      I know what you mean, though. The swing model won’t change. The only thing that will change when you take up the MCS swing model is, you’ll gradually get closer to the pure model over time.

      And the closer you get, the better your swing will get!

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