I Tried The New Concept – And Broke My Driver… (Updated)

**Update At Bottom

I’m a little miffed about it as well, considering I just had it re-gripped a couple of weeks back, but that’s life.

I had gone to the range to see how close my established address position was to what it should be for an optimal impact, and the Welshman was there for a few moments before he had to depart on business.

While he was there, I showed him the updated concept from what I had shown him last week during the Day 1 video shoot, and he took some slow motion footage which he’ll be forwarding to me later.

He also tried the concept cold, using my heavier, 1″ extra length 5 iron, as he hadn’t brought his clubs, and without a warm up or any balls hit, he did quite well.

It was after he’d departed and I was hitting the rest of my bucket with my own camera running – and just after I’d packed it up and grabbed my driver to hit the last few balls, I heard a strange sound on impact and…

Sure Enough…

I had caved in the face, with the crack running through the middle of the face just above where I like to get the ball, and just below the crown.

I really liked that driver, and now I’ll have to look for another, a task which does not appeal to me, as I’m very particular with the look and feel of my drivers and the RBZ fit my taste to a “T.”

Below, you can see two of the drives I hit today before I caved in my driver, and the person off-camera at the end is Welshman, who arrived unseen and snuck up behind me to say “Nice swing!” after the second drive:

And let me tell you all something, my friends – I developed this concept to help everyone else, because I already know the optimal address and impact positions, but…

A big BUT, when I actually hit balls today using the the concept to demonstrate it for Welshman and to look at my swing for myself while using it:

I made yet again the best swings I have ever made, technically speaking, and look at that stable head through the entire swing from address to impact, staying within that circle!

And of course, call it coincidence or not, I caved in my driver face today while using this concept for myself to make sure I could swing as hard as I pleased and get that stable leverage that is the hallmark of an optimal swing motion.

So, I told you all this video was going to be the simplest golf swing model, with the explanation, that you are ever going to see for a swing that is mechanically-sound.

And I aim to deliver.

More to come!

** Update

I might add, just to emphasize the efficacy of technique over endless practice and gym work – I hadn’t hit a ball in over week when I broke the driver today.

I had last made swings while shooting Day 1 video for the upcoming vid, and while I had the video work that kept me away from the golf course and range this past week, I was working on this concept until I had what I’ve got now.

And then, the first day using the final concept… I made the best-looking swings I’ve ever made, as you can see above…

That, my friends, is MCS!




2 thoughts on “I Tried The New Concept – And Broke My Driver… (Updated)

  1. Mike Divot

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, the second best golfer of all time caved in his back while trying to improve his swing, and he’d had it regripped a few weeks earlier too.

    1. D Watts Post author

      OK, I’ll give you that one, MD. I didn’t laugh, I smiled ruefully…

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