“Drop The Hammer” Concept Was Great… I’ve Made It Better

I’ve worked on this, and let’s just say that, for everyone who loved the “Drop The Hammer” concept for which the previous MCS video was named – it gets even better.

How could it get even better?

Well, the original concept was for the address position, wasn’t it?

And I said last week that an old concept from the distant past (MCS 2.0 circa 2011-12) cropped up while I was working on the upcoming “E = MCS” video.

I also said that it was a little different this time around from the 2011 concept, but it had to do with the impact phase, not the address, correct?

So, you could consider that old concept, after I’ve adjusted it slightly, to be an impact version of the original “dropping the hammer” concept, and I’m not going to say anything more about it until the video “drops,” forgive the pun.

Switching tracks slightly, I am likely going to go right into the eBook “E = MCS” when I have finished the video shoot – you’ll recall that I was working on an eBook on a simple golf swing called “The Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever,” on how to just swing with mechanical-correctness if not the exact MCS way… but as I said, an optimal swing model is exactly that.

The optimal swing for golf is what I’ll be presenting in “E = MCS” and, to be honest, it’s the very simplest way I can think of to swing.

There are only two moves, really, to the back swing when you break it down to it’s simplest form, which are of the legs and the power arm.

Everything else is details, and while the devil is in the details, they only have to do with how to set up for the swing, in order to perform those two easy back swing moves, in order to make the down swing as simple and effective as possible.

So, the final model and concepts of the “E = MCS” video have, in essence, become the simplest golf swing model you will find, with the qualification that it is also mechanically-sound.

Apologies for the brevity, but I’m in the middle of the video process here and most of my mental faculties are diverted to that end.

But hey, we’re nearly there!