I’ve Tightened Up My Swing With The Momentus

As I’ve said, I love swinging the Momentus Power Driver because it helps me tighten up my swing beyond what I’ve been able to do with the SwingRite clicker.

The SwingRite, I use to groove the rough motion with speed, and then I switch to the Momentus and try to duplicate the action using leverage, which helps me tighten my position and mechanical action.

By the time I get to the regular driver, it feels like a wand and I can really get the leverage going with that tight action.

From the “E = MCS” Day 1 video shoot, here are two gifs showing first the Momentus swing, and look at that spectacular detail when shot in 4K, which I actually reduced to 2K for editing purposes:

And then another swing with my TaylorMade RBZ:

I’m currently formatting the video for editing, and this is just a taste of what you’ll all be getting with the video.

For example, I said I was going to show from the swinger’s eye view how the stance affects the grip and club face…

…and how about a GoPro head camera view of where my head is pointing during actual swings with Driver and Iron?

And of course there will be some interesting angles from which we shot, to emphasize various points of the swing that are better seen this way:

I once more have to give profuse thanks to the Welshman, whose vision and enthusiasm for this video project are helping me deliver on the promise that “E = MCS” would be the best MCS video I have ever produced, and as you can see, that barrier has already been blown through with alacrity.

I had the content taken care of, but with Welshman’s assistance, the production quality will make all previous efforts pale by comparison.

There is much, much more to come and we haven’t finished all of the swing shooting, so look for even more angles and some really good stuff to help everyone feel and visualize what the body does during a mechanically-optimal golf swing.

Back to work!



2 thoughts on “I’ve Tightened Up My Swing With The Momentus

  1. Lance

    Hi DJ- I like that swinger eye view. That second swinger eye pic with iron- is that pics right before you take it back into the takeawwy? I’m especially interested in the clubface ball orientation…looks like it’s closer to the toe vs heel?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Lance – I wouldn’t read anything into that particular still pic – I just took an image at a point in the clip, I don’t think it was right before the back swing… just wanted to show what’s coming in the video! 🙂

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