Out Of The Blue Concept For “E = MCS”

The Advance Order window for the upcoming “E = MCS” video has closed, thanks to everyone who supported the cause with your early reservation!

In that vein, I was thinking about a concept I had touched upon way back in the early days of my MCS videos, likely the MCS 2.0 video that I shot indoors during the winter of ’11-’12.

Back then, I was working on a slightly different model from what MCS is now – back then I was center-biased at address, but with the right-biased stance that is now standard, I tried the concept again – and said to myself, “This could be the one that does it for many.”

By “does it for many,” I’m talking about the address stance and the difference between address and the impact position, and it goes so well with the measurement method of setting one’s address position with both right and left-dominant swingers.

I will be trying this concept out on others to see what happens, but I can tell you all, it certainly works for me, and I know the address position already!

So, I was very happy with what I had going into this video project, but this little concept is a cherry on the sundae, and sure to flash the light bulb for some who are still struggling with their address position.

Back to work.  And here is a little gif. of a swing from today with my SMT Nemesis 50″ driver:

Who says you can’t use the Ben Hogan inspired “perfect pivot” action for long drive swings?

Not I, that’s for sure!

Apologies for the sparse posting of late, but I’m deep into the project…

More to come!


8 thoughts on “Out Of The Blue Concept For “E = MCS”

    1. D Watts Post author

      I believe you have the MCS 2.0, Jim – I believe you have most if not all of the MCS videos, lol… if you go to the MCS 2.0 and watch the part where I mention feeling like you’re pulling a stake out of the ground at impact… that’s the concept to which I’m referring.

      If you don’t have it, no worries – you’ll know this month what the concept is, but if you have MCS 2.0, it has to do with that, but with a twist 😉

      1. jh32

        I’ll have to wait, had to make room for the more updated MCSes and 2 was one that was given up? I knew I should have hung on to them. Oh well, I’ll wait. Jim

  1. Lance

    Hi DJ- are you saying that you were experimenting with the Hogan pivot with a center biased, and you were yielding decent results?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Center biased, Lance?

      Not in a million years. Center-biased is not mechanically-optimal, even if you can swing this way as many of the classic era swingers did.

      I’m talking about an address vs impact concept on setting up the proper address measurement with both sides, but it has nothing to do with anything on the bias.

  2. Lance

    Got it. The center bias in the sentence threw me… I’ll have to wait to see that concepts as I wasn’t around back then.

    1. D Watts Post author

      “… I wasn’t around back then.”

      That’s likely why the reference threw you – I meant that it was an OK concept with the center-biased address, but when I tried a similar concept with the right-biased address, I thought it would really help people.

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