MCS = Natural Leverage (Momentus Power Driver Swings)

I have reached mid-150 mph in ball speed swinging the Momentus Power Driver, which compared to the PGA Tour average ball speed of 165 mph, shows just what leverage alone can do for your golf swing.

I would wager that, since I only began swinging it in the past couple of weeks, I could reach the mid-160’s with it, which would completely destroy the modern golf swing’s claim to being the way to generate power and leverage, wouldn’t you think?

The classic golf swing is what the greatest players in history (except for Tiger Woods) have used as their swing models, it’s the way the best and longest long drivers use as their swing models, and it’s the way to swing the Momentus driver without breaking your back or something else.

I got some different angles yesterday swing it, as you’ve already seen the face-on and down the line angles:

DJ Hits Momentus Power Driver

I keep saying that the golf swing consists of two crucial components, the first of which is the proper address positioning, the second being the proper mechanical action, which is impossible to perform consistently without the first component.

Most of what you will need for power production in a consistent and controlled manner is in the positioning.  Once you have that, leverage comes as naturally as walking, since you’re merely transferring weight from one foot to the other on the down swing transition:

I probably hit a third of a jumbo bucket of balls yesterday with the Momentus alone, along with the iron and regular driver swings, just working on my positioning and getting used to being able to “pull” the swing again.

You’ll recall that I began the outdoor season just working on my right side action, but once I had that, I realized that the positioning was all that was required, so I’ve returned to my natural leading-side pulling action, because I did say a while back that with proper positioning, you can swing right or left dominant and it will look the same.

The proof?

Look at my leading heel on the back swing pivot in the gifs above – I was swinging with my “pulling” action and yet my heel lift is not much more than when I was swinging with the “right-dominant” action earlier in the spring:

I’ve been waiting for conditions to improve to begin shooting the “E = MCS” video and it’s been a long wait – cold weather and constant rain have made for rather sloppy ranges in these parts, but we’re finally drying out and things are looking good as release time is still 3 weeks away.

I look to be getting some shooting in this week, as a matter of fact, and I’ll just remind everyone that the Advance Order window closes at midnight tomorrow.

June is around the corner!



2 thoughts on “MCS = Natural Leverage (Momentus Power Driver Swings)

  1. David

    Unless someone has swung a club that heavy they really don’t know the significance of 150 ball speed!!!! I better dust off that 975D driver filled with shotgun shot and get to it 🙂 Swinging pounds instead of ounces is no small feat, great control.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Swinging pounds instead of ounces is no small feat, great control.

      Thanks, DK – I actually prefer swinging the Power Driver over the regular driver or even the long driver – it’s more satisfying for some reason.

      Of course, it won’t drive as far as the other clubs so I won’t be playing with it 😉

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