Jon Rahm Is Looking Monstrous

I was struck by Jon Rahm’s swing and power yesterday when I took in a bit of the Dean & Deluca at Colonial.

He first came to the attention of many with his power shank off the tee with an iron last summer at the Quicken Loans, but what I saw yesterday was a much better move than what I saw back then.

It’s even possible that the shank shot was just a terrible one-off (it was his first PGA Tour event after turning pro), what with him squatting into the address and then having barely any hip turn, which I’ve said before will cause shanks to come out of nowhere.

What I saw yesterday was a powerhouse of a man who is swinging with a little taller setup and who is getting some healthy hip turn, the evidence being that leading heel separation from the ground on the back swing pivot.

I’ve said that some swingers don’t need much of a heel lift at all with their particular pivot and dominant trail arm action, and Rahm is one of those – you have to be really looking to see it, but like targettom emailed me a while back (before I got to see it myself), he is definitely a “floating heel” swinger right now.

Many will look at his shaft angle at the top and say it’s a short back swing, but if you look at how deep he’s gotten into the right hip and that shoulder turn, it’s not the shaft position at the top that matters.

It’s the hip turn and the fact that if the leading heel detaches at all, it’s more hip turn than the modern golf swing advocates, and that’s a good thing for his back.

It’s also the power boost that allows him to smoke that ball.

Is it a perfect swing?

My answer would be, “It doesn’t have to be – he’s young and strong, and that move is more mechanically-sound than most, so why mess with it?”

I hope that doesn’t change, because he was blistering the ball yesterday and nearly won the event, and if I were the rest of the Tour, I would be considering this young man to be a definite threat.

He’s come close to winning his 2nd event in recent weeks (1st win was the 2017 Farmers in January), and at age 22, he’s just getting started.

If he keeps that hip turn and floating heel move, he will be reducing his chance of injuring himself swinging, and that can only bode ill for the rest of the field.

9 thoughts on “Jon Rahm Is Looking Monstrous

  1. peterallenby2013

    Agree with you DJ. At 22 yrs. young, he needs to grind out a full season or two or three in order to understand the rhythm of this job – Travel, golf, sponsor commitments x however many weeks a year he plays…That routine alone is enough to fell far greater men – Witness the schedules top Tour pros follow – They just don’t play all that often!

    Now, if Jon Rahm were to get the club a bit higher in the back swing would he not add a few more yards to his shots?!! He is scary long enough I suppose. But with that power pivot, it seems like there is more to be extracted..I suppose leaving well enough alone is a better mantra… I would think Jon Rahm could be a force on Tour for a long time to come…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Peter!

      I wouldn’t suggest any changes unless Rahm himself were unhappy with his move and looking to make changes, because he’s 22 and already a winner with several close calls in other events, and this not even a year after turning pro.

      I agree with you that he could get more wrist cock at the the top (his hands are high enough where they are), which if he swung in the same tempo would give him that much more speed and therefore power into the ball, but this is nit-picking at an otherwise pretty solid swing.

      Yes, he turns on the left heel through the finish, and the shaft angle… but why mess with a swing that is working so well for him right now and which is pretty mechanically-sound?

      I would walk past a swing like that and nod my head and keep going… if it ain’t broke…

  2. targettom

    He got mad after missing a putt yesterday late into the round and then smoked a drive 360. That’s probably enough length for most courses (on a course most say a driver should rarely be used!). I see that he is one of those guys who de-lofts his clubs with a bowed left wrist. That seems to be such a weak hand position for me, but I have an injured left wrist anyway. I don’t know how these guys can swing consistently that way but they do…

    He seems destined to win some majors

    1. D Watts Post author

      I was thinking the same thing, Tom – he likes the high fade. Masters and PGA a definite possibility right off the bat, he T27 his first Masters this year too.

  3. buddhabob

    in other news, Tiger was arrested last night after being seen driving all over the road near his home in Jupiter. I’ll bet he was still driving straighter though than he does out on the course…

    1. D Watts Post author

      I knew someone was going to make a crack about driving. I feel bad for him, but I’ll state the obvious – if you’re going to drink, don’t drive. I enjoy my pints at home for that reason. If I’m out, perhaps one with the meal, but no more if driving.

  4. D Watts Post author

    He is done for – in his latest update, he said “no twisting for 2-3 months…”

    To think he’d go through everything he’s been through with his back and intends to go right back to the same thing…

    Some people just don’t learn. If he were a car, I’d have written him off long ago.

      1. D Watts Post author

        My heart’s just not in it. I hope we can all move on from TW at this point, he’s got larger issues than his swing or his game.

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