More MCS Proof – Momentus Heavy Driver

I took the Momentus Heavy Driver to the range yesterday to begin proving that the Modern Golf Swing bunk about “using the ground” for power is exactly that, bunk, as well as to disprove that golf swings today have to be different because of the lighter equipment.

If that were true, I’d have to use a different swing for a regular driver, a long driver and yet a third swing action for the Momentus Heavy Driver, correct?

Well, funny enough, I was hitting balls with it yesterday, Welshman got a clip of me on one swing, and you can see clearly that, for swinging a heavier club than a standard one… I use the exact same MCS “perfect pivot” swing action:

DJ Swings Momentus Heavy Driver

Notice how stable the leading foot is on the down swing and through impact – so if one “uses the ground” by jumping out of one’s shoes, especially the leading foot – where is that action as I’m swinging as hard as I can with the Momentus?

The answer is clear enough – I’m not doing that because I’m using proper mechanics, and you need a stable planting foot through impact the same way you wouldn’t have a planting foot jumping around when you throw a ball.

And remember – I have a bad back, namely, a spine deformity a.k.a. scoliosis, and I’m an overweight, out of shape 47 year old guy.

How hard do you think the 20-and-30-somethings on Tour could swing the Momentus Heavy Driver using their current swing model, without ending up in traction or suffering a hernia?

Have you seen how hard they’re working just to swing a 13 oz driver?

I wonder how Rory McIlroy’s ribs and back would feel after hitting 20 balls with it, 100% effort?

I will be seeing what kind of club and ball speed I can generate swinging the Heavy Driver, and I don’t have to worry about injury any more than with a regular driver, because I’m simply using leverage to power the swing, not muscles.

Muscles move the body to create leverage, of course, but then you’re powering the swing with that leverage, whereas with a flawed technique, you require much more muscle to create the same power and speed, and that’s where you get into injury risk increasing.

If you need more muscles to swing a 13 oz club, you’re better off improving your mechanics over hitting the gym.

But that’s just common sense, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “More MCS Proof – Momentus Heavy Driver

    1. D Watts Post author

      If I could find one with a long enough handle, I might consider that, Chief! 😉

      1. Chief Cowpie

        Certainly not to attempted by a Bear Squatter or 15 Minutes of Fame swinger. Joints will grind and crunch with the imperfect angles being fully exposed.

  1. jh32

    As an experiment, I too a rubber mallet, cut the handle, drilled a hole in the part of handle in head, and glued it with a shaft. Haven’t hit balls with it, but it’s heavy. Jim

    1. D Watts Post author

      Nicely done, Jim – I hope you didn’t do it however due to not having a Momentus driver… 😉

  2. Chief Cowpie

    Surprisingly, these guys are just tiring some rocks onto an end of a stick and better MCS than almost anyone on tour. Granted, this is an artist’s imagination which points to the innate aspect of DJ’s research.

    Hopefully Rory McIlroy will see this cartoon so he can rescue his back and revive his career.

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