Demo Swings For New Video – Wow!

I am very pleased to announce a new addition to “Team Wax Golf!”

I recently met Wax Golf reader The Welshman, who lives in the Toronto area, and we hit it off very nicely when we got together to take a look at and do a little work with his swing.

He is a higher handicap who hasn’t been playing the game very long, but he is a capable athlete and has been studying the MCS videos, so it wasn’t very much work to get him on track.

We had such a good time that he offered some technical assistance for the upcoming “E = MCS” video project, which I accepted, and I do believe his help will aid me in producing hands-down the best MCS video to date, which is a tall order, based on the feedback regarding the previous videos.

The Welshman & DJ

He brings some shooting savvy to the project and after meeting for coffee to discuss what I had planned for it, we adjourned to the “office” to see what we could do with different angles and slo-mo.

Below is just a taste of what he got while tinkering with different cameras and angles, and I was definitely pleased with the quality – and this was just a quick slo-mo demo!

E = MCS Swing Demo

Now, the video quality was what had me so pleased, but I’m not in swing shape, not having had a proper practice session in over two weeks.

By the time the actual swing portion of the video is shot, I should be looking better than above.

Not only that, The Welshman is very enthused with his initiation to the MCS swing (as adjusted by yours truly), and I told him that I was very impressed by his transformation on Monday – he was 2-3 clubs longer and much straighter and crisper on the first day, and today, he was hitting 7 iron to where he’d been struggling to get a 4 iron before we got started.

Today, after we shot the video, we hit some balls, and I was again impressed by his rapid improvement.

In fact, he was striping ball after ball with his 6 iron, and when I showed him his impact patter on the face, he was definitely… enthused!

He sent me the below pic when he got home, and that handicap is going to be dropping rapidly this summer, because I can see with his athleticism and commitment to doing things properly, he can’t help but improve rapidly:

Not only that, you can see that he’s playing actual blades, which is impressive in itself.

So, as I said, the simplified format of the MCS Golf Swing model is bearing quick fruit, and every single person with whom I’ve worked this spring since the outdoor season began has seen very rapid improvement, even if they were swinging MCS to begin with.

The project is moving along nicely, and I am telling anyone thinking of getting the video download after the release – reserve it now and enjoy the 33% discount for ordering in advance.

Thanks to The Welshman for offering his help, and for his enthusiastic support of the MCS Golf Swing theory – as a former competitive athlete, he told me he knows that this is the way to swing, because the minute I fixed his address position to the proper “Leaning A” address, he could feel that this is how it’s done.

More to come!


6 thoughts on “Demo Swings For New Video – Wow!

  1. doubou2014

    Excellent quality and great angles to look at a swing. BTW the length of the backswing is getting close to that of Jamie Sadlowski.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your swing breakthrough, doubou – see you soon

  2. Jonas

    That looks great DJ. Some new angles there you’ve not shown before. Thumbs up!


  3. Harleyweedwhacks

    I started to feel a bit of back pain, not just lower but upper. My posture was so crouched i couldn’t believe it. So i started standing more erect to the ball and the pain is gone.

    I cant say how much MCS has lengthened my career, now that im close to breaking 80 I feel like in a few year’s time I’ll be making money playing on the minitours. Just got to get that short game under control and I’ll be good.

    I think if I get good enough I can play the pga tour, after some work for about 8 or 9 years.

    I’m close to breaking 80, and when I break 70 by the end of this or next year (most likely, because my ball striking is brilliant and my short game is getting better) I’ll start my preparation.

    MCS has lengthened my career and I will continue to improve as long as im willing to practice.

    1. D Watts Post author

      My posture was so crouched i couldn’t believe it. So i started standing more erect to the ball and the pain is gone.

      That’s right, you want to stand as erect as possible while still being able to hold the club. But the taller the better, you can’t pivot properly from a bent-over or squatting position.

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