Testing The Simplified MCS Model – Success!

I have to say that I have been surprised by the relative speed with which swingers have taken to the simplified methodology that makes up the MCS Golf Swing model.

In going back to my early MCS days, the model has changed since then, but the method of adopting it back then was the simpler way to do it.

So, why not take the more effective method and apply it to what the MCS model has become, I thought?

The result – instant improvement in ball striking and increased consistency, from what you might call lower skill level all the way to single handicap and college level players.

The breakthrough came when I began to realize after years of feedback that there are just a few places where swingers struggle with the swing, but that if you can solve those issues, the changes and improvement are profound.

They are, for the most part, the setup (still problematic and the most crucial aspect of getting the swing right), the ball placement and the down swing transition.

There has to be a way to translate the basic model to personal specs, and I’ve been working on whittling down the years of swing research and findings to a manageable size.

I’ve been doing the same with the four MCS videos that I have produced that deal with the basic model (MCS videos “Ultimate Leverage,” “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” “Perfect Pivot” and “Dropping the Hammer”), so that in the upcoming video, E = MCS,” one has most effective parts of the MCS swing model and process condensed into a single video, in simplified form.

You know that you’re getting closer to the distilled essence of something when you can make it shorter and simpler without losing what is contained in the larger body.

So, I have focused in the past weeks while working with various swingers on that simplicity – this is how you setup, this is how you find your personal ball position, this is the down swing transition, and this is the impact position.

You might be surprise (I know that I was) to know that many people, even good players and swingers, don’t know what their optimal impact position is, but once they do (which was aided greatly by the “Dropping The Hammer” video of the MCS Series), the difference between their old and new swings is night and day.

So, the “E = MCS” video project is humming along and there is less than a week remaining for anyone who wants that video to reserve it in advance and enjoy that steep discount.

More to come!