A Wax Southwest (And Ohio) Reunion

I consider humbray to be a part of the Southwest Wax crew even though he’s a Mid-Westerner, as he spends time down there and since we meet through DKondo, who is an Ohio transplant to Goodyear, AZ and who set up the first Southwest Summits.

Humbray paid a visit from Ohio this time as he has from time to time in the past couple of years but this time was different – we weren’t working on his swing, but son Nick’s, who is getting into the MCS methodology himself as college player.

Humbray Jr. Visits “The Lab”

I met Nick last year on a visit from humbray, where we worked on humbray’s floating pivot move, and during that time, although he was just along to observe, I gave Nick a couple of pointers on the pivot and release, and of course, I saw them both again in Goodyear the next month, when I was at DK’s preparing for the 2nd Southwest Summit.

Now, I don’t know if it was that Nick is an excellent pupil or the effectiveness of the simplified MCS method, but whatever issues he had with his swing didn’t really last past the first few balls.

As humbray mentioned in the comments, it was pretty cool, windy and all three of us were dealing with dripping noses and humbray and I for sure were suffering from the wind-blown pollen, but it made little difference.

I started Nick off with the address procedure for a left-dominant swinger who swings right-handed (this goes back to the original MCS video and was lost over time, but it’s back!), then we got into the pivot action and he was on his way.

His big miss has been the left ball, and the first few, he was indeed hitting some hookers, but I noticed that he was very handsey on the take-away initiation, explained how the one-piece or full-body pivot has no left wrist action (this is explained in the upcoming “E = MCS” video), rather you want to use the right arm, and within a ball or two, he was hitting his go-to baby draw.

Below is a swing about half-way through the morning, before we had addressed the left foot through impact, but already, just crushing it:

Nick Hits Driver DTL

Not bad for a 19 year old who was swinging modern style last year, and in his first MCS workout!

It also took humbray by surprise, as he kept commenting to me, “I love his setup now, looks great,” and the sound of the contact, so crisp, with a high yet still penetrating ball flight (there was a brutal hook wind slightly into us, and when Nick connected, it was still just a baby draw, just piercing the wind), and a funny thing happened to me as well.

The methodology has become so simple that I hit a few balls at the beginning of the session to illustrate the stance and pivot, then a couple of drivers partway into the morning, and then finally, one drive with the 50″ SMT Nemesis long driver – and when I got home, even today, I couldn’t remember a thing about those swings.

It was like my mind went completely blank over the ball once I was set, and I just remember how they flew, but not the actual swings.

It was great that I had brought my long driver, actually, because I challenged Nick to hit a few with it (he has an M1 TaylorMade himself, I believe), and just to illustrate how smooth you have to swing it.

He hit three balls to the right, though each one was better than the last, and then I grabbed it, teed up a ball, and creamed a drive dead straight and nearly to the end of the range which, in those conditions (humbray mentioned it was 45F or about 7C when we started), was about as good as it gets.

After that mic drop, Nick got the hang of it and began crushing some impressive drives with it.

Humbray and I also worked on his swing for a few minutes while Nick attended to some personal things, and I proved that the MCS swing is the same for a right-dominant swinger (humbray) just as it is with a lefty swinging right-handed (Jr.)… there is a different way to go about setting it up, but the swing action is the same.

We found that out purely by accident because humbray was setting up the way I had shown Nick, but when I pointed out what he was doing with his club too far behind the ball before the back swing, I showed him how to set up and purely by chance, used the right arm to do it instead of the left.

DJ & Humbray

Being a right-dominant swinger, humbray instantly said, “Oh! That’s way better – I was just doing what you’d told Nick to do…” and instantly, he began hitting much crisper and higher (and straighter!) iron shots.

So, there are definitely two separate ways to set up the MCS stance depending on the dominant arm of the swinger.

That was it for him, and I turned back to junior.

I ended off working with Nick on his weight transfer to the left foot (he has a similar issue to many of the modern players on TV, with the left foot leaving the ground at impact) and why it happens (either to clear the left hip with the right foot anchored, or to avoid blowing out the knee or hip because of a turning through impact, his was the former issue).

That got better and I told him it will take some time to get rid of completely, and by then, we were all looking at each other, wondering what to do next.

It had all taken just three hours, when we’d planned to work things out for perhaps an entire day!

So, you don’t keep gilding the lily – we packed up and headed out for lunch before humbray and Nick drove back to Ohio.

I hope humbray won’t mind my sharing something he emailed to DK and me today, but it shows how effective a proper and mechanically-sound swing methodology can be – DK has been recovering from shoulder replacement surgery and of course, he is impatient to recover his form from last year, and humbray wrote:

D(K)’s blood is probably too thin to make the trip to great white north lol.

DJ only needs 20 minutes to fix you. Yesterday proved that, it was unreal what was done with Nick.

Of course, DK is all MCS, so yeah, it would likely only take that long, as we used to work out in Arizona for even less than that time, due to his base knowledge.

DK & DJ In Arizona – May, 2016

Still thanks to humbray for the kind words, and I am looking forward to the next get-together with this crew – it’s always good times.

The work with Nick shall continue, but man – what a difference a little MCS makes, especially with an apt learner.

Onwards, Wax Nation!


6 thoughts on “A Wax Southwest (And Ohio) Reunion

  1. David

    Hi DJ and thanks for the shout out from the chilly North! It was 99 F today but getting cold for the Sunday, only going to be 80 🙂

    Whether protecting the repaired shoulder or just laziness, I found some issues that you pointed out this week. In between doctor appointments I got some range time instead of playing and made some great strides in a few dozen swings. The MCS address position is the cornerstone of a good solid swing. That helped get into a good throwing motion which I eliminated to protect the shoulder or repaired bicep tendon.

    After just 30 balls I could feel the stretch of a more efficient extension. I have been playing 11 – 12 rounds per WEEK and did not have the discomfort l experienced today. Some anti inflammatories and ice and ready to go for the weekend.

    I have not been this excited for a while and have actually been pretty down with my lack of progress. Having that extra set of eyes on you really makes a difference even when you understand the concept.

    Wax Nation Southwest division out 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      Whether protecting the repaired shoulder or just laziness, I found some issues that you pointed out this week.

      I would say it’s the first and not the latter, DK – something as painful and debilitating as having a shoulder replaced will leave psychological brakes on your swing until you know and feel that you can swing freely without fear of injury.

      That is a good thing. Lots of golfers are putting themselves at risk for lifetime chronic issues due to pushing through pain to continue swinging the way they are swinging.

      Tiger Woods is a prime example as are all of the modern players who are in constant pain and who aren’t trying to find a more mechanically-sound way to swing.

      Pain is an indicator that something is wrong, and even when the pain is expected (while rehabbing), it’s a sign that you’re not “there” yet.

      So, best wishes and as I said last night, don’t overdo it, and you’ll be fine. After all, it’s MCS! 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you Van – Nick’s a quick study and that’s a good-looking swing that is going to get better as well! 🙂

  2. humbray

    Big challenge is drills/ repetition aka free throw shooting. Taking the new techniques and making them habit,especially when under the gun. It was truly a great day but there is work to be done to overcome faults. Thanks again for your expertise and especially your friendship. Humbray

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’re most welcome my friend and absolutely correct, humbray – the first steps, along which come the work and reps!


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