When It Went From Concepts To Concrete

It is a strange thing, that concepts are very helpful in aiding people to perform a swing, but the concept is a fuzzy picture, in my view (no pun intended), compared to having the concrete knowledge of what do do.

Some of the greatest players and swingers, in fact, have relied on concepts (remember my old warning that Laser dug up once to throw back at me, that if you rely on what a swinger or player tells you he “feels” he is doing, do so at your own risk, because you don’t know if the “feel is real”).

But I knew this video project was on when I went from concept to concrete and rock-solid (redundant, I know) knowledge or the picture of what one does in the optimal golf swing, and I have just proven it with two of my new concepts.

I don’t like for people to rely on concepts, but rather to use the concept to perform an action properly and then remember that mechanical action over the concept.

You can always rely on the concept if you get away from what you’ve been doing, but when you have the proper mechanical action in your head, then the concept isn’t really necessary anymore.

One of these new concepts, I bet will blow your minds, because for both “pushing” and “pulling” swingers, many of you have a problem with keeping yourself from turning early.

I explained as best as I could at the time, with “MCS – Dropping The Hammer,” how the down swing works with the “drop and pop” in how to not turn early through the down swing (the turn only comes post-impact with the momentum and continuation to the finish), but I have a new concept which I actually shared with David D. during our video shooting:

If you watch the above gif., you’ll see that I don’t turn through the down swing and bottom, and the trailing heel only starts to come up post-impact.

I actually didn’t realize the crucial nature of this particular concept at the time, but this video was shot over six months ago, and hind-sight is 20-20, and even if I’d had it in the “Dropping The Hammer” video itself, the importance of the concept wouldn’t have helped many people.

It was only this past week when I went from having the motion in conceptual form to when that bulb went off and I said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute…” and then it was there – from concept to concrete, and I knew I had to get this video out before one more day passed.

It’s not only the concept, but what you’re trying to impart with said concept, as well as the explanation of how the concept solves a particular issue, that are the most important functions of the concept, and I didn’t have those yet.

Even when I posted the day that I was confident that my journey had ended, I was still seeing the swing in concept form.

When the whole motion from beginning to end went from concept to concrete, I knew my journey had ended.

I have said, the explanation of the optimal and most simple swing action in MCS is given in the “Dropping The Hammer” video, but it was given in pure concept form, which is how most golf instruction is done.

But when you can break the concept down and explain what it entails… now you’re getting somewhere.

And this is why Jack Nicklaus never produced a swinger like himself, nor Ben Hogan, nor any other great ball-striker.  In my opinion, they very likely tried, in fact they have videos and books to that endeavor, but when you’re dealing with concepts, you’re rolling the dice.

So, there will be new concepts in the “E = MCS” video, but more importantly, you will be able to see the actual model of the simplest swing motion possible, and by possible, I mean the proper way and not doing things like freezing your hips on the back swing.

You can see shades of Moe Norman and Mike Dunaway in that above motion through the bottom, and one was as straight as an arrow while the other was the father of modern long driving.

When you put them both together… you have some swing, don’t you?

It rained all week, with more wet weather on the way, but it’s sunny days in Wax Nation, because “E = MCS” is on the way, and then my work will truly be over, at least in the research and development aspect!

A great Sunday to all.


6 thoughts on “When It Went From Concepts To Concrete

  1. Van

    I’m looking forward to this, DJ. You never fail to deliver on what is promised so I will prepare to be once more delighted by your work!


    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Van, appreciate the kind words. And I’ll be doing my best to let the simplicity of it all speak for itself 🙂

  2. jh32

    “many of you have a problem with keeping yourself from turning early”, Yup, that’s my problem. I do it, I know I did it, but I can’t seem to correct it. &(*&^(*)()T&%$%&, dang it! Jim

    1. D Watts Post author

      I hear you, loud and clear, Jim! But look at this degenerate o’er-the-topper – I solved it, and althoug I did it myself some time ago, the solution for everyone else was aided in transitioning from concept to concrete by your Momentus iron.

      I’ve swung it every day since it arrived, and much of my contemplation on everything occurred with it in my hands.

      It’s nearly seven years since the first MCS swing video came out, and thanks for helping me bring it home! 😀

  3. peterallenby2013

    I’m in. But here’s what I DON’T understand: Where’s Tiger’s order?! Uh, check with his agent??Maybe Frank could get him to look at your swing… Where’s Jason D.’s order? Where’s Jordan S.’s order? Eh – I cannot wait to view your greatest to date DJ…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Peter! Sorry for the delayed response, I was away from the computer after noon yesterday – thanks for the support, and I’m working on this with that in mind… I don’t like to disappoint! 😀

      Hope all is well.


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