John Daly Goes For 1st Champions Tour Win

We’ve been waiting for John Daly to do something noteworthy since he turned 50 and hit the Champions Tour last year, and it took awhile, but he’s poised for his possible 1st victory today going into the final round of the Insperity Invitational.

I don’t have anything personally invested in any golfer, but John Daly is a sure throw-back to the long, classic golf swing of yesteryear, so it’s always a pleasure to look at his action when he’s swinging well and not throwing clubs into lakes.

Being self-taught, he is a prime example of how, left to one’s own devices, you’re going to develop and classic golf swing and not the tortured, frozen-hipped modern golf swing of today.

John Daly vs Jamie Sadlowski

I could watch that back swing all day, because it’s such a great floating heel pivot with the free hips, and of course, he is nearly flawless in his action when he gets it going.

Long John leads Kenny Perry by one and they’ll be paired, so watch the difference between Perry’s back swing, which looks put-together and a little strained (at least, if it looks the same as it did when he was playing the regular Tour), compared to JD’s effortless power production.

Go get’em John!



8 thoughts on “John Daly Goes For 1st Champions Tour Win

  1. targettom

    and there’s Faldo saying Jamie needs a chiropractor with that swing. Faldo, one of the shortest hitting champions despite his large frame; perpetuating the b.s.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yeah, Sadlowski needs a chiropractor like JD needs louder clothes…

  2. buddhabob

    I never understood how Faldo won all those big trophies. Either he came along at a time when there was a bit less competition or his mental approach was superior. He was a short hitter but never seemed to be flustered when Norman was 50 yards down the fairway from him off the tee.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s exactly how he won, buddha – short and straight, very steady play and didn’t crack under pressure. It’s ridiculous how short-hitting he was for a man his size, reminds me of Kuchar today.

      The equipment change and distance arms race of the late 90’s knocked him out of the game as it did Norman, who was a master driver with persimmon. The new material drivers put a lot of the older better players under the gun, they just couldn’t keep up.

  3. buddhabob

    I think the guys in long drive just got too big in size for Jamie to win anymore but he sure became very inconsistent and inaccurate at his last competitions from what I recalled and seemed to completely melt down in the later divisions.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It was that and Sadlowski never improved his technique, which was nearly flawless, but still had to be impeccable to beat guys twice his size.

      When guys like Joe Miller and Tim Burke, who are much larger and stronger, began swinging with more mechanical correctness (floating the heel on the pivot), he couldn’t beat them.

      Technique is paramount when you’re at a size and strength disadvantage, and I think the two wins in a row made him a little complacent. I wrote back then, after Miller’s win in 2010 (JS won it in ’08 & ’09) what he could do to get a little more out of his swing, because it would become increasingly difficult to compete with the bigger and stronger guys coming out.

      Sometimes, they’re just too good and too strong, whatever you’re doing.

  4. buddhabob

    regardless, JD remains hands down imo the greatest long driver of the modern era. The logo for long drive should be his silhouette.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I think it should be Sadlowski’s at the top:

      But JD wouldn’t be bad

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