I Barely Slept Last Night – It Began Two Weeks Ago

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I will admit, I’ve had a hard time sleeping the past two weeks, since I posted that piece about having finally arrived personally at the point to which I had set out to arrive, nearly 12 years ago now, and here’s why:

I haven’t told or shown anyone yet about what “E = MCS” really means in the MCS Golf Swing theory sense.

It was actually my intention to not say anything about it until sometime this summer, but I’m very bad at keeping things like this under wraps, considering all of my blogging these past years has been to discuss my pursuit of the ultimate golf swing model, if one existed (which it does), and to keep my friends and readers apprised of developments in real time.

Well, I’ve managed to keep it secret for exactly two weeks, but I do it any longer, because that’s not what the blog was about.

When I develop a static site that doesn’t change much from day to day, that’s one thing.  But right now, I have made the decision to just come out with it now and to begin production of this video which will make hash out of the concept of a golf swing being complicated.

When you break down the body and its movements to the essential core and base, the golf swing becomes so incredibly simple that only one’s mind can get in the way of performing that basic motion.

How do I make it that simple?

You’re all about to find out!

I have devised a way to show, first of all, the only difference between address and impact, and then the simple process of learning the entire action with:

  • Going from address to half-way back,
  • Returning to address,
  • Going from address to the top,
  • Leveraging the return, this time to the impact position,
  • Going from address to the top, and leveraging down through impact to post-impact and finally,
  • Going from address to the top, and leveraging down through impact to the finish

The problem with most people, I’ve found, is that they are dominant with one side or the other, and so they set up to favor that dominant side, which is disastrous for the proper swing mechanics.

Proper swing mechanics, whether you are dominant on side or the other, require the same setup and the same action – it just feels different, and I have proven it in my own work on the swing these past months.

I have seen what the “drop” part in the “drop and pop” does if you don’t use the hips and legs (you harpoon the ground around your right or trailing foot), and what it does when you pull or push the club towards the ball (you turn early and either come over the top with a slice or dead-pull it), and finally, what happens when you perform the proper drop using:

  • The dominant right arm “push” action on the proper drop action (optimal impact position) or
  • The dominant left side “pull” action on the proper drop action (the same path down to the optimal impact position) and
  • Both arms and sides coordinated (again, the same path down to the optimal impact position).

When you perform experiments, it’s kind of like the law of probabilities, or as mathematicians might say:

“The interesting thing about probabilities is that they’d better add up to 1…”

And if they don’t add up to 1, then you’re in trouble.

So, for the golf swing to be the same thing, however you choose to swing, you’d better end up in the same place (optimal impact).

High heel back swing, low heel back swing, high hands, flat plane – none of that matters, as long as you end up in the same place.

And I’ve been doing this.  You’ve seen some of it, when I was experimenting with the right-arm-only swings, but that was simply to teach myself how to swing with the right arm only, because I’m left-handed.

Once I had that, I went back to the leading side leverage, and then I began to play with the setup, knowing there was an exact setup in the MCS “Leaning A” address position that was likely to produce the same impact, however I swung.

This was when I found the connection between that simple and exact setup (which I explain with the 3 Pillars, formerly the “Dropping The Hammer” but slightly different) and the simple hip and arm action that I’ve been demonstrating in theory all of these years.

So, the lack of sleep the past couple of weeks is a small price to pay for what I’ve found in the MCS model theory, which is the proof of it, and for the first time since the New MCS swing video series, I’m going to model the swing myself to show exactly how you do it.

There are four people to whom I have to give ultimate credit – Ben Hogan (the pivot action), Jack Nicklaus (the leading side leveraging), Mike Dunaway (the right side action to go with the leveraging) and finally, Mike Austin (whose model is close enough to what I have found, and from whose swing I learned a great deal about the body, combining that with my own athletic instinct, such as that the head must be stable or relatively stable for the swing action to work simply and effectively).

I’ll go more into that, but for now, I’m going to try to get some sleep.

Again, if you have the MCS videos and are content with what you have, I am fine with that.

For those who want the straight goods on how simple I’ve been able to make everything from all of those videos from the first ever, Smash Golf MCS (2010) to the recent MCS – Dropping the Hammer, you’ve got a treat in store, and I want you to take advantage of the 33% discount for ordering in advance to help fund this project.

More to come!

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