New Video “E = MCS” Pre-Orders Open

I spoke at the end of last year about transitioning to to offer future videos or eBooks.

While I will still be going the Amazon route for the planned eBook projects (currently on hold due to my workload), the video I had planned for an Amazon release will be released here at Wax Golf while I figure out exactly the best way to present a commercial at-large video.

This video, which will be entitled “E = MCS, The Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing,” will be what I had originally envisioned when I released Part 1 of the MCS Trilogy Series, “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing,” back in 2015.

That video was to be the end-all and be-all of the MCS golf swing, but a funny thing happened, of course – I had earlier produced the “Ben Hogan Project” and thought to myself, “Why isn’t the Hogan “perfect pivot” action part of the official MCS standard model?”

So came “MCS – Perfect Pivot,” which did that, while re-explaining the basics of the MCS Golf Swing Theory.

Then, I was going to stop blogging about the golf swing altogether last summer and move on to other things, but before I did, there were some new concepts and a great series of sessions on the swing that conducted with David D. that I wanted to share with everyone.

So, “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” as my final Wax Golf video before turning to an Amazon video and book release.

If you have downloaded any of these videos, congrats, Wax Nation!  You have something no one else in the future will have, because they have all been removed from offering here at the site.

I will instead distill the essence of the MCS Trilogy Series into one work, because it was all getting a little unwieldy, and if you liked the MCS Trilogy videos – get ready for “E = MCS.”

I will be expanding on exactly what will be in the new video project, which I am slating for a post-U.S. Open release (the Monday after would be perfect, as everyone’s excitement for playing and practicing always seems to peak around any one of the four majors, I’ve found).

For now, I know that there are those of you who will be taking my word that this video will surpass anything I’ve produced to date, and will take advantage of the Advance Order option to get your copy reserved in advance with a discount for doing so, and for what I’ve got planned, it’s an absolute steal.

For A Limited Time ‘Til May 22nd

Order “E = MCS” In Advance*

*Release Day Price Will Be USD $59.95

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**Tentative Release Day – June 19th

There will be some of the more successful concept from the original series included in this, as I’m consolidating the 4 videos that were part of the MCS Trilogy (from “Ultimate Leverage” to “Dropping The Hammer”), as well as some juicy new concepts you saw me working on over the winter.

There are things I didn’t get to include in the “Dropping The Hammer” video, because I had four hours of video with David D., along with:

  • The “3 Pillars concept,” which expands on the “Dropping The Hammer” concept, in how to set up for the swing according to your swing arc,
  • The most troublesome part of the down swing transition, which is still the initial “down move,” which Moe called the Master Move, and which I call the “Drop & Pop,”
  • The standard MCS grip and how to use a training aid with the molded grip to set yourself gripping properly with the MCS model,
  • Things from the further-back MCS videos such as “measuring” yourself in the setup to the ball, the “Gravity Drop” concept that really sets the table for the “drop and pop,”
  • The concept of “Reach For The Sky,” which is similar to Moe Norman’s visual concept of swinging upward through the down swing (it’s cool, trust me),
  • New angles from which to view the most important parts of some of the concepts, which would mean diagonal angles and rear view of the swing and concepts,
  • Much more – I have just decided that it’s time to start work on this, and it’s going to be something, if you’re into MCS swing theory

So, for those of you who are familiar with the process, ordering in Advance puts an investment into the coming video and gets you a discount on the release price (and this is a healthy discount from the final release), and most importantly – you will afford me some time to work on the video and still finish my work on the MCS Long Drive model, which if things go well, I may be putting to use in the Senior division at the upcoming World Long Drive Championship in OK., at the end of the summer.

That would be a long-shot, but if I can get the the time to really work out on the swing, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

Once you’ve ordered, you’ll receive a confirmation that you’ve been placed on the Reserved list, and you’ll receive the download links via email on release day.

I have been looking at the number of videos being offered at Wax Golf and, while they are all excellent videos (as confirmed by the feedback for each one), I don’t like having that many videos on the same thing, so it’s time to condense, re-tool and improve on both the viewing time and the production quality.

That’s it for now, and I’ll actually opening the floor for topics that people find problematic, as I know people are still struggling with the counter-intuitive nature of the “drop and pop.”

Thanks as always for being there, Wax Nation, and I will take all of the past great videos on the MCS swing and surpass them all with “E = MCS,” which will be a video of everything, clarified into a simple equation – Excellence = Mechanically-Correct Swinging!



18 thoughts on “New Video “E = MCS” Pre-Orders Open

    1. D Watts Post author

      Cheers, DB – I have more info on this in the coming days, but let’s say that if there was a mathematical formula for what MCS is to become… I’ve got it 😀

  1. lupz27

    Stoked! Saw a ton of progress last night at the range with low irons, and some better results with driver, and fairway woods off the deck, those 7 iron through 4 iron still have my number thou.

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’re stoked!?!? LOL…this has been my life for the past 12 years, Lupz… so yeah, I’m stoked too! And the best of MCS…is about to hit. 😉

  2. lupz27

    The most troublesome part of the down swing transition, which is still the initial “down move,” which Moe called the Master Move, and which I call the “Drop & Pop,”
    The standard MCS grip and how to use a training aid with the molded grip to set yourself gripping properly with the MCS model,

    This is my 2 issues in a nut shell, if I solve these 2 the sky’s the limit! But I feel so far away, and lost.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I actually spent time today with Humbray and Humbray Jr., Lupz – I showed them the grip concept with the molded grip and it made perfect sense to them. I also showed Humbray how the Moe Norman “master move” is the same thing as the “drop and pop,” and he got that as well.

      So, have no fear – just work on the MCS concepts from the video you have, and when “E = MCS” is complete, I have a feeling you’ll feel like a new man 😀

      1. lupz27

        Thanks DJ can’t wait.

        So my set up is great with my 7iron down, but once I get to the 6iron up it gets SO bad. Also can’t flatten out my swing, still way to steep. Which video did you release in February, March, or April 2015? I have it just don’t remember which one it is, that was the holy grail video for me to flattening out my swing, and that season I for the first time played with out a STEEP swing, and would like to get back to that flatter swing.

  3. Laser

    “people are still struggling with the counter-intuitive nature of the ‘drop and pop.'”

    — Maybe what makes it counter-intuitive is modern hips/shoulders teaching.

    Moe said, “Hogan and I sit so well.” My theory is that he was talking about his backswing loading his right leg, or lower right side. What makes the drop & pop counter-intuitive (in my opinion) is a misunderstanding of what that loaded lower right side is supposed to do when the downswing starts. Maybe an understanding of that would help with the dropping (and tilting), in my opinion.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I was talking about this exact thing today with Humbray and H. Jr., Laser. I’m on it 🙂

  4. Chief Cowpie

    There are though some negative downsides to MCS. With the extra distance of shots, your playing partners will accuse you of chugging deer antler spray.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I actually said something along those lines to someone today as we worked on his swing – I said:

      “Now, I’m afraid I’m going to mess you up on your distances for a while. You’re going to be a good club longer on standard shots, so whatever you think you should hit, drop down one and hit that one…”

  5. lupz27

    Hey DJ thought I would pass along this funny story.

    So I got hooked up with a former PGA teaching Pro at a local golf course down the road from me, his buddy he was playing with had to take off after 15, so I offered for him to hop in my cart to finish out the round, great guy actually exchanged numbers with him so we can hook up again.

    But the funny thing was on the 17th hole par 3 tee box he commented on my swing, and made a correct observation about how if I consistently swung out towards 2nd base I’d hit the ball further, better whatever, but then went on to say how it was unusual to see someone have the ability to be able to make a full swing the way I do getting my shoulders turned on the backswing so well, and generating so much swing speed because of it (I was hitting my 7 iron down further then he was, and he was impressed), but he chalked it up to just some guys are flexible enough to do this, while most aren’t.

    Now I just kindly shrugged it off as a compliment instead of actually letting him know that I can’t bend over, and touch my ankles never mind my toes, or get my left arm to press anywhere near my chest if I tried to pull back against it with my right arm.

    I’m about as inflexible as they come, yet a former teaching pro couldn’t see the real reason why I was able to get that full shoulder turn, and generate such high club head speed MCS!

    Can’t wait to get a hold of the new video thanks DJ!

    1. D Watts Post author

      They all think it’s hyper-flexibility, Lupz, because they can’t conceive of the hips and legs providing all the pivot flexibility required. It’s a mystery to them, and they’re the supposed experts upon whom the public relies.

      Thanks for sharing, and the video is going to be great! 😀

  6. Chief Cowpie

    I always thought Deej was a loose goose to have such a long swing and didn’t know there was a direct MCS connection. So we should take it back until we see the clubhead again on the other side?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, my swing was pretty long back in the day, but most of it is from the free hip and shoulder turn. I swing back until I feel resistance and the weight of the driver head, then I transition.

      I think my swing is actually shorter than it’s been in past years. I’ve shortened it before by conscious effort, but these swings were all made with a blank mind.

      When it comes to a natural swing that doesn’t crack under the gun – the less thought, the better!

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