Brandel Chamblee Asks A Question… The Answers Are Stunning (Updated)

**Update At Bottom

A tip of the hat to everyone who emailed me on this… I actually read it shortly after it was posted, in my morning golf sites browsing.

You’ll all remember how enthused I was about Brandel Chamblee’s book last year on the classic golf swing, “Anatomy of Greatness,” and he has returned with a piece he wrote for GolfWRX.

It’s called “Why Does Nobody Teach Jack Nicklaus’ Swing?” and it’s one I’ve asked forever, but the answers you read in the comment section will stun you.

Brandel writes:

In 1980, Jack Nicklaus also led the PGA Tour in Greens In Regulation. So what would the longest and straightest driver in history who also happened to be just as sharp with his irons do to the competition?

Far past his prime, Jack Nicklaus won half of the majors that year. He won his 16th and 17th career majors: the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship, which he won by seven shots. Incidentally, nobody in 150 years has ever won a major by a wider margin at that age.

Six years later, he would become the oldest man to ever win the Masters at 46. Consider also that Nicklaus won the career grand slam, yet again, after he turned 38.

The answers to the question are…quite interesting…

It’s really amazing to go to a golf forum and read what you will see written about Nicklaus… the man was almost certainly a hacker who could have used some modern instruction, no doubt.

You will find references to Jack’s hip replacement at the age of 58, as if swinging with a floating heel somehow causes hip damage, or to the fact that with the lighter, more modern equipment, you don’t need as big a hip turn to swing the club, for a couple.

Which is very interesting, because if swinging the classic style causes hip damage, how do you explain his longevity as a major champion, winning his record 18th and last major at the age of 46?

And I keep seeing this zombie excuse for the modern golf swing rise, so I’ll try to kill it again – if the modern equipment is so much lighter and easier to swing than the classic era equipment…

Why are modern players spending so much time in the gym to swing the lighter equipment, and why are so many modern swingers jumping out of their shoes to create more power, and why are so many of them coming apart at the seams from swinging a 13oz club, if swinging today’s equipment is so much easier than back then?

No one seems to be able to explain that one.

How do you explain the fact that Sam Snead won Tour events into his 50’s with a classic swing, or that Phil Mickleson credits his longevity to having played with a classic swing in the modern swing era, winning a major in his 40’s as well, with an arthritic condition?

How do you explain Vijay Singh being the greatest player ever over 40, winning a major and 22 Tour events in that age bracket, against modern swing players, I’d add?

But let’s not kid ourselves – we know that that the modern golf swing is not a natural nor a mechanically-sound swing, and that the classic golf swing is.

If you disagree, then the comments over at GolfWRX await you… even if you agree, have a read on Brandel’s piece.

The battle against the modern golf swing continues, but I came away from there feeling that it will be a long and hard one, with many more preventable back and lower body injuries than necessary.

**Update: I mentioned to Brandel in a private convo that we bloggers trying to change the swing back to the Classic Golf Swing from the Modern don’t have the public forum that he does, and he gave Wax Golf a little oxygen:

Every bit helps, Brandel – thanks!




8 thoughts on “Brandel Chamblee Asks A Question… The Answers Are Stunning (Updated)

  1. Mike Divot

    I read golfwrx from time to time.
    Not counting responses to Brandel’s article, some of the posters are wondering why they hit it better and feel better if they let their hips turn more, let their heel come up, etc.
    They get shouted down pretty quickly.
    But the tide is turning.

    1. D Watts Post author

      But the tide is turning.

      Not quickly enough, but if it is, I’ll take it.

  2. lupz27

    It’s funny all my friends call my swing very unorthodox, and make fun of it because it doesn’t look the way the golfers on TV look, and what they try to emulate.

    1. D Watts Post author

      When you have time to fully implement MCS, lupz – you’ll be the one making fun! 😉

  3. Harleyweedwhacks

    The people at golfwrx aren’t really golfers, they’re just people who talk swing instruction and argue about it. If they were real golfers, they’d certainly be able to play to a scratch handicap (or better) and they’d get more respect from guys like me, who actually want to play the game for a living. They don’t seem to understand that the swing isn’t the whole game, there’s more to it than just the swing. Of course, having an MCS swing is important, but once you have implemented it becomes a matter of playing the game and not thinking the game.

    The short game in particular is what these people should be discussing, not all this complex and bullshit swing theory. In fact, a golf swing has only a few important fundamentals, like the grip, stance, posture, pivot, ball position, shot shape. And it’s all very basic stuff. Once you have the basics down, whether it be the full swing or a basic motion for the short game, then you can play well mostly by going out and playing, not analyzing.

    When score matters, not one athlete is thinking about their technique. It’s unconscious, and that’s the way it should be.

    Naturally I think the whole idea of swing technique is to implement the motion, not practice it for years on end struggling with it.

    Just a thought,


    1. D Watts Post author

      I took a stab at trying to spread MCS there a few years back. The experience cured me of ever thinking of offering swing advice outside of my own blog ever again, and I’ll leave it at that.

  4. targettom

    Nothing is more convincing than being the only player in a group that hits it long and where you’re aiming, without any pain.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Got a great email today from a regular Wax reader, regarding the upcoming video, and he had this to say:

      My club handicap is 15 and I struggle to play to it (as you should). Last week I shot gross 78 and took the money! No thinking, take the MCS stance, one last look at where the ball needs to go and swing.

      Love it.

      So, some convincing going on all over! 😉

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