Best Long Drive Swings EVER (8 Second Hang Time)

I always like to get a rough indicator of hang time when I launch them especially high and long (and only ever when on line, because who cares low long it flies if it’s going OB?).

So I knew something was going on today when I got home with video.

For those of you who want to do this for yourselves, it takes a little practice to time the landing of the ball with the signal you give (I usually tap my thigh with my hand), but when you get it right, you can then time the impact-to-landing pretty accurately.

Now, you can have a high hang time for various reasons – if you pop the ball up and it just balloons on you – I’m talking about smashed drives with a nice, high and flat arc that you have to shade your eyes sometimes to see landing, but let’s not get caught up in that – I just knew on that drive that I smoked it and you’ll know why when I get the video edited.

So – who says you can’t use the Ben Hogan-inspired “perfect pivot” action for a long drive swing?

Because, these are the best I’ve ever made with any model…

For now, I guess the 3rd time this season was the charm, because if I’m not “there” with my long drive swing, then I will really be excited once I am, because I added more leveraging elements to the long drive swing model I’m working on, and knew right away when I went from “not bad” to “OK, what just happened?”

What happened… here’s the fun part in that I’m trying very hard to keep a “feel” of what I’m doing so I can compare the “feel” to what is going on when I look at the video, and I could see the transition when I stood taller, put a little more “kick” into the right knee at address and remembered to “stay back” with the head on the down swing.

These are things that will become automatic with reps, but it’s so much quicker in the progress (and most importantly, so I can describe it to you all) when you can remember what the “feel” was, and how much better the swing got when it clicked in.

So, when I remembered to stand taller, over the feet, to “kick in” that right knee a little more than I’ve been doing with the regular swing, and to “stay back” on it – wham, bam and “ma’am, I was there…”

Another thing I was doing was trying to hit an entire bucket with no more than 20-30 seconds between balls, because if you’re going to do long drive, you don’t get all day to prepare for a swing.

It wasn’t exactly “rack’em and smack’em,” but I like to keep a crisp tempo and not dawdle over the setup.

So, if I can get a couple of adjustments to sink in and stick while I’m hitting balls, I not only get a rapid feedback on the striking difference, but it will help if I decide to compete, in which situation you really need to be able to decently hit about 3 balls per minute when there are time limits.

I’m now going to take it up to the next level – going after them but good, and using the Momentus Heavy Driver to work out with (no weight program yet), because I can’t think of better training to swing a golf club than to swing a heavy golf club.

Then I’ll start getting some numbers.

One last point – I don’t know how it takes the modern swing guys all the time they take to “warm up” before swinging or playing – I hit three balls with the 6 iron and then two or three with the regular driver, and then it was on.

An hour of long drive swinging later and while my left hip and lats feel “stretched out” (the added leverage components, because I’m a lefty “puller,” after all), I’m good to go, and I certainly didn’t hurt myself.

So… they’re doing it wrong…

More to come!



11 thoughts on “Best Long Drive Swings EVER (8 Second Hang Time)

  1. lupz27

    This might be the right place for this, so since implementing the Floating pivot combined with the dropping the hammer (still very much a work in progress, it’s either lights out, or absolutely embarrassing bad), I’m really getting the ball way too high with my driver like way too high it’s a 9.5 degree 85 gram XS 44″ long driver.

    I’m gonna say this is probably the first time (when I’m hitting it lights out) I’m getting a good Positive angle of attack on my drives, thought maybe it was because I am swinging to steep since I haven’t swung in 2 years, but when I consciously flatten out the back swing it just produces a big draw/hook.

    Also my irons are flying much higher, low irons losing no distance, but longer irons are losing distance with the higher ballooning effect also, again thinking this might be the to steep swing not sure.

    Anyways just looking to see if maybe I need to go down to a lower degree driver (mine is not adjustable). Any input would be great thanks DJ.

    1. D Watts Post author

      9.5 is pretty high loft for a driver if you have neutral or positive AoA, Lupz – the SMT Nemesis 370 that I’m currently hitting has 7 degrees loft and I’ll be switching to my SMT 455, which has 5 degrees loft.

      My regular driver is a RBZ which I will be hitting on the 7.5 loft setting, so if you’re at 9.5, might be time to look into trying out some lower lofted drivers at the local golf store.

      What flex shaft do you have on your irons? A whippy shaft can cause ballooning/flight issues, especially with the longer shafted long irons.

      Or you could be scooping them at impact – I had a very steep plane back in the day, and I have always hit very high irons, but I didn’t have balloon issues, only consistency. I could hit a 240 yard 4 iron down the pipe, then pull one dead left, then banana-slice the next… steep planes are a pain in the a##…

      Hope that helps!


      1. lupz27

        Gonna go check out an 8.5 degree driver at the store. Shafts in irons are Stiff flex KBS Tours, never had this high of a ball flight with my short irons, but not losing distance, but the long irons I never really hit well at all, but when I did they were low.

        Now when I’m hitting it well the short irons are coming off really high, and don’t seem to go as far as I would think they should even thou I feel like I’m hitting them very solid, not much difference in 7 Iron vs 5 iron distance.

        I’m going to take my other set of irons that have kbs tour stiff 120 c tapers in them, and see if that makes a difference in the ball flight.

      2. lupz27

        Also I’m taking full pivot swings like I’m hitting the driver with my irons right now, where I used to shorten the back swing which got me a more lower piercing trajectory, and same distance.

        Maybe I just need to get comfort with this new floating pivot, and learn how to control the ball flight with shorter tight pivots with the short irons

        Scooping could be another possible issue with the long irons, tough to tell on the mats (dropping the hammer, and hitting balls off the mat no bueno for elbow, it’s barking bad).

        1. D Watts Post author

          I don’t like mats for practice unless you absolutely have no other option.

          For irons, especially short irons and wedges, it’s just murder on the hands, wrists and elbows unless you pick the ball clean, and then you’re just asking for trouble trying to pick the ball with irons (which you’ll try to do having gotten used to doing it on mats).

          Don’t like them at all, but then I’m a divot-taker 😉

          1. lupz27

            I HATE them, but no grass driving range anywhere near my home, that’s why I’d go play more then actually go to the range TBH.

            1. lupz27

              Hey DJ, quick question on my power leak with my higher irons, and driver. Would not standing up straight/more erect cause a power leak? I’m hitting my 9 iron 150 no problem, I start losing the power with the 7 iron up, and when I pipe my driver straight down the middle it’s only 100 yards further then my 9 iron something has to be wrong there.

            2. D Watts Post author

              Hi Lupz – actually, standing more erect will aid your pivot and give you more power with less effort. One of the problems with the modern swingers is that they are all squatting and/or crouched over the ball.

              The swing is a circular/vertical motion, not a lateral one, so there is no need to coil as if preparing to push a train down the tracks.

        2. targettom

          I had the same problem; I was cupping my left wrist which adds loft, so when I straightened it to where the left wrist is flat the ball flight was better. Also forward shaft lean at address with the irons keeps the loft down. And delaying the release helps too.

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