Long Drive + “Perfect Pivot” = WOW (Day 2)

OK, you can probably tell I’m having some fun working out the last little details on my long drive swing action, but today was extra fun when I got home to look at the video.

I hit some awesome balls today after struggling through the first half of the bucket, all because I got sloppy with my posture – but when I realized what I was doing and straightened back up to a taller address, it was game, set and match.

As you can see in the top position from last week to today, I really got the “perfect pivot” action going with the hips and legs, and it immediately gave me more leveraging on the back swing so I could just “step into it” on the transition:

There is something to be said for technique over raw muscle power – I’m no powerhouse, especially considering I haven’t lifted anything heavier than a pint of beer in some time, but here, I’m swinging a 50″ shafted club and didn’t really feel as though I were straining to heft it.

The leveraging aspect of a club with a shaft that long is such that, the better your technique, the smoother the swing feels, albeit a little longer one than the usual length driver (it feels almost like a slow-motion swing because of the slightly slower tempo).

I’m not finished yet – I want to re-grip the shafts on my two long drive sticks, and then to finish things off, when I feel I’m getting to optimal on the mechanics, I’ll be using jh32’s old Momentus Heavy Driver to make some all-out swings with to see how good my leveraging is.

Another thing that has me saying “Wow!” when it comes to the adjustments I’ve made in my stance to account for the spine deformity – now that I have my own optimal setup, you can really see the “drop” in my “drop and pop” action coming down:

All I would have to say would be, “DJ, you’ve come a long way from the OTT steep-plane down swing from years ago…”

So, not too shabby for the 2nd day swinging the long drive club in 18 months or so, and things are starting to look the way I expect a swing to look with the MCS model working the way it’s designed to.

You wanna see what the Ben Hogan “perfect pivot” action looks like on a long drive swing?

That’s More Like It

A couple more things to work on, and then I’ll be looking at getting some numbers.

But man! is it ever fun swinging a club the way I always felt I should be able to.  Now, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning what I’ve got.

More to come!

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