Here’s Something Silly…

Let me run something past everyone, because I can’t wrap my brain around the logic of what Modern Golf Swing proponents are always saying.

I’m talking about the restricting of the hip turn in the back swing by keep that leading heel firmly planted on the back swing, all to promote more stability and therefore consistency in the golf swing.

Are you following me so far?

Left heel ON the ground  – GOOD… Left heel OFF the ground – BAD…

OK, so having the left heel leave the ground on the back swing would, in their logic, take away stability in the swing, and rob the swinger of consistency.

But you will also be told that, at the most crucial nano-second of impact, the only part of the swing that matters to the ball, having the left heel (and sometimes the entire foot) leave the ground is not only not destabilizing, but something to be desired, praised and emulated?

Do I have that right?

This is not good:

But this is awesome:

Um… pardon me, but that’s the silliest thing you will ever be told.

I don’t know about you all, but there is something seriously wrong with a golf swing philosophy that tells you having your feet flying around at the moment of impact is something to be desired.

But then, we already know that…

At least…

Some of us do…

Carry on…

4 thoughts on “Here’s Something Silly…

  1. targettom

    During the 1966 Masters (IIRC) on the 72nd hole, Nicklaus drove the ball 350 yards uphill on a fairway that had seen rain earlier in the week. Steel shaft, persimmon head and ball made out of rubber. I’d like the Modern swing guys to explain how they can beat that

    1. D Watts Post author

      They’d likely point to a nice, 30 degree downhill slope on the Kapalua Resort’s Plantation Course with the fairways running 10 on the Stimp, and reveal that Mike Weir, with a Stack & Tilt swing, once drove it 351 yards when the wind was helping 25 mph… take that, Jack Nicklaus.

  2. Harleyweedwhacks

    I find that when I swing harder, the ball goes straighter.
    The old timers had to swing extraordinarily hard to get accuracy, and with a proper swing, they could drive 270 to 280 with the old equip.
    Why does my ball go straighter when I swing harder? Everyone always told me my accuracy woukd take a hit.

    of course, I swing hard with a floating heel. When I do it planted, fore right…

    1. D Watts Post author

      The answer is counter-intuitive, but here goes:

      When you swing naturally, you have less things that can go wrong, so you swing with abandon, and with a good deal of gusto.

      With a swing built out of whole cloth and manipulated as heavily as just about any version of the modern golf swing, you have so many things that can go wrong, you simply can’t time everything perfectly even most of the time, just some of the time – and when you do swing hard, so many things can go wrong…

      That’s about it. The classic swingers had less manipulation, therefore less could go wrong, therefore they swung hard at the ball.

      And let’s not forget – you couldn’t even play golf with persimmon clubs and balata balls if you couldn’t hit the sweet spot, whereas today’s players with the massive modern faces can go days without ever hitting the sweet spot, and still get the ball in play 300 yards off the tee.

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