Another Wax Nation Citizen Drops In

All the way from California, another Wax Nation citizen (whom you’ve probably seen before in the comments section) was travelling and in the area, and took the time to stop in for a visit and a little consult on his swing today.

Fortunately, the weather turned out to be awesome, much warmer than forecast, and a brilliantly sunny morning set things off perfectly.

I have to say that Starr’s comment last November was not a fairy tale:

The truth is I don’t practice near as much anymore. I just go play. I often go to the first tee on Saturdays, not even warming up on the range, and stripe my driver 275 down the middle.

I saw for myself how well his MCS swing works for him, and he was hitting the ball pretty solidly before we even talked about anything, but when we worked on a few things in the pivot and the down swing, he (a natural “pulling” swinger) was cracking my driver with a little draw when we were finished.

One of the things we worked on was getting him deeper into the right hip on the back swing pivot, and some Nicklaus-high-heel action should serve him well.

We also discussed the down swing move, and being a “pulling” swinger, he was very pleased to get the visual of the “drop & pop” in a face-to-face demonstration, and his down swing improved that quickly – here’s a swing gif. where I slowed down the practice down swing “drop & pop” portion:

I know Starr has followed my blogging on the golf swing for a long time, possibly even back in the Smash Golf blog days (’08-’11), certainly in the DJ Watts Golf blog days (’11-’13), as he mentioned today.

Watch the pop at the bottom!

It was a delight meeting another citizen of the Nation, and especially one who pleased me with the MCS swing he brought with him.  The highest compliment – he said it was all based on my videos and blogging, from top to bottom!

And of course, the requisite selfie!

Thanks for dropping by, Starr, and I look forward to our next meeting sometime in the future!

A great weekend wish for all of Wax Nation!

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**


14 thoughts on “Another Wax Nation Citizen Drops In

  1. Laser

    Today I had the Harbourtown PGA tournament on for background noise…and I heard one Golf Channel commentator remark to another, “What do you think of his left heel coming up…”

    WAX golf is taking over.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That modern golf swing garbage is on its way out.

      The problem is the industry doesn’t want to admit it was wrong (and perhaps is worried about litigation from angry and broken-back students), so the change will come slowly enough that they hope no one notices… if I’m around, that won’t be possible, because I will pursue them with their own words, wherever they think they’re going.

  2. David

    Looks great Starr!! DJ too bad I am such a slow learner. My head is still all over the place 😦 Nancy watched me today and when it didn’t move I hit it awful. She said more range work LOL Happy Easter to all of WaxNation!!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’ve been out of commission for awhile, DK – I’m sure all you need are some reps to get that pivot going again – gimme a holler if you want some eyes on the current swing!

  3. hkgolf

    Totally agree with the face to face interaction to accelerate the understanding of MCS. My Skype session with DJ last summer totally transformed my backswing pivot, leading to a highlight of personal best 319 yards drive a couple of months. Way to go Starr!

    1. D Watts Post author

      It was a shame we couldn’t get together when you were in Canada, Richard – if there is ever an Asian Summit, I hope to be able to make it close to Hong Kong so you might be able to attend! 😀

  4. Harleyweedwhacks

    What’s funny is I’m self taught. I naturally learned an MCS swing. I bought your kinesiology video, and most if not all the concepts in there I realized by the end of watching it I already have in my swing. The flared feet, posture, swing mechanics such as not snapping the leading leg, turning the hips fully and line of scrimmage, most everything you talk about.

    What do you think about this?

    How did I develop a natural MCS swing without knowing it?


    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s funny you mention this, HWW – I got a Messenger message from a Wax Golf reader and FB friend who told me:

      Meanwhile, I dug George Knudson’s book out of my dusty stacks, and it’s all there: the whole-body swing, the classic pivot (somewhat disguised by his shortish backswing), the short-stop slide to finish solidly on his left foot.

      To which I responded:

      Goes to show, proper mechanical action is universal and not my invention. I just figured it out whereas the modern theory goes further and further afield trying to re-invent the wheel.

      So, I did not invent MCS, because I have nothing to do with the laws of physics, motion and how the human body is constructed.

      All I did was figure out the optimal mechanical action for performing a golf swing, and if you do the same, you’ll find that we all end up in the same place.

      There are infinite variations of mechanically-correct swings, and you found one similar to MCS, but only one optimal way to do anything (which was always my ultimate goal), and that’s why all of the great classic swingers of note basically had the same model, more or less.

      And it’s why the Modern Golf Swing theory is garbage – you can’t re-invent the wheel, and anyone who claims they know how to swing better than Nicklaus, Snead et al are either delusional or selling snake oil.

      If the Modern way was the way to do it – Nicklaus, Snead et al would have swung that way.

      But they didn’t.

      The swung the way my research has concluded you should swing, aside from their own little flaws or idiosyncrasies.

      Great point, Harley! 😀

      1. David

        Happy Easter DJ and Rania!! Just had an epiphany at sunrise service this morning. I have overdone the swing angle to the point in warming up yesterday I was actually hitting the driving range rope 36 inches in back of my ball. Think I had it on the inside LOW enough 🙂 ??? Why could I do it in front of a mirror and the head rock solid and on the video it moves 8 inches. I am hoping the Lord has rid me of that move and only time will tell 😉

        Harley must not have succumbed to the adage that others must know more than he as did I. We all had MCS back in the day. I have found the light and just need to look through the blinds.

        Happy Easter to all at Wax Nation.

        1. D Watts Post author

          We all had MCS back in the day. I have found the light and just need to look through the blinds.

          LOL – Happy Easter to you, Nancy & Frisco from the Watts family, DK!

  5. Harleyweedwhacks

    Sam Snead I believed had a wonderful swing. Would you consider it completely MCS, or does he have a few flaws? I’m trying to base my swing off of his

    1. D Watts Post author

      MCS is based on Nicklaus, Snead, Hogan & things I’ve figured out over the course of 12 years of research.

      I wouldn’t presume to give Snead swing lessons. Other than not being completely right-biased (and I bet he would have been with the modern driver and how it is optimally swung), you can’t go wrong swinging like him.

      Looking above, you see a close-to-Hogan “floating pivot,” the “swinging gate,” etc. – just excellent.

      1. Harleyweedwhacks

        “I wouldn’t presume to give Sam Snead swing lessons”

        This is what I think the golf industry has wrong. Even if someone is striking the golf ball well, they’re told to change their grip, stance and everything else to match a model. Even if their swing is MCS, or even a modern swing, and someone is striking the ball very well, they try to change your setup and swing to match a model, mostly the modern models.

        This happened with Tiger Woods. He was the greatest player of my era, and they changed his goddamn swing. Like idiots, they went and destroyed a great man’s game. I’m not saying his swing was that good anyway, but these coaches should know better. All about the money, I guess.

        1. D Watts Post author

          This happened with Tiger Woods. He was the greatest player of my era, and they changed his goddamn swing. Like idiots, they went and destroyed a great man’s game. I’m not saying his swing was that good anyway…

          A few points, HWW – yes, he was the greatest of his and any era except Jack’s, and his swing as an amateur was the best one he had, mechanically-speaking.

          His only problem before he turned pro was the planted left heel, and while I can’t prove cause and effect, it’s funny that the only physical problems he had early in his career were with the left knee, where the stress of a planted-heel back swing (and the resultant knee-snap through impact) would manifest itself. He did the rubber-banding, yes, but when he was younger and more flexible, he could perform a good enough turn with the planted heel to not have to twist the lower back so much.

          That usually happens as a player ages and loses that natural rubbery aspect to the joints. So, he would have have lower back problems eventually, but not the catastrophic stuff he did to it by both rubber-banding and having a left-biased address under Foley.

          TW at his greatest would have been every bit as great had he let the left leg work naturally on the back swing.

          Another point – every swing change TW made, in my opinion (with the possible exception of the re-tooling following his ’97 Masters victory), was a result of trying to alleviate the stress on that knee as it deteriorated, and his swing got less and less natural with each iteration.

          To put it another way – he kept the flaw that damaged his knee, and kept changing other non-flawed parts of his swing to keep swinging with the original flaw intact. It was like changing the working parts of an otherwise fine automobile because you refused to change the flat tire on the front driver’s side, and expecting things to work better, when it only got worse with each tinker.

          3rd – yes, they ruined a great player, but he participated in said ruination, and his choice of Sean freaking Foley (and staying with him for 5 years) is all on him, to be frank.

          A lot of blame to go around in the TW saga, beginning with himself.

          All my opinion, of course.


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