Sergio Garcia, Masters Champ @ 37!

I don’t know if you remember, but I posted on Sergio Garcia’s swing model a couple of months back, when he won the Dubai Desert Classic in February.

Therein, I compared Sergio at 37 to Tiger Woods at 38 (the age TW was when he broke his back working with Sean Foley), surprise, surprise!! Sergio just won his maiden major tournament, at the old age of 37…

Again, you will see golfers play longer and win at older ages, when they are swinging with a mechanically-sound model, and Sergio has proved it once more.

I posted a swing gif. of his driver motion, and this is a great angle to view the full and free hip turn on the back swing pivot, complete with “floating heel” action:

While Sergio made a couple of clutch putts on the back nine (one to save par on 13, and that spectacular eagle roll on 15), it was his ball-striking that stood out as he brought home the Green Jacket.

I hadn’t thought I’d be rooting for any player yesterday when the final round began, but as soon as Sergio took the lead on the front 9, I realized I was hoping for a Sergio win.

Interestingly, the man who nearly beat him to win his 2nd major was Justin Rose, who has been plagued by back issues working with (who could have guessed) Sean Foley, except for a brief time a while back when he was experimenting with a “floating heel” pivot swing:

Justin Rose Floats The Heel

Look at how vigorously Rose was able to go after the ball with that floating heel pivot.

At the time, he was actually out-driving Rory McIlroy on at least one occasion (I recall reading an article about Rory tinkering with his equipment and wondering why Rose was hitting it past him, I’ll see if I can dig it up).

Watching Rose swing yesterday however, he has still not made the connection between his long-hitting prowess of a year ago and the fact that the back issues flared up again as soon as he stopped doing that little “floating heel” thing…

I’m sure you saw his wince and grimace after one drive on the back nine.

So, in the modern golf swing era, we have yet another “floating heel” swinger who has won a major in his 30’s to 40’s, to join Bubba Watson (2 majors over 30), Phil Mickelson (3 majors in his 30’s, 2 in his 40’s) and Vijay Singh (2 majors over 30, 1 over 40, and the most Tour wins over 40 all-time).

Compare those to the greatest modern golf swing player of all time, Tiger Woods, who hasn’t won a major since he was 32, and who isn’t even playing in his 40’s due to little pesky issue of having required 3 spinal surgeries.

I’ll say it again – you can play golf and win with any swing you choose, but if you want to be around for a while, then you’d better figure out how to swing with mechanical-correctness, because even the greatest modern player of all time couldn’t fool Mother Nature – swing incorrectly and you will pay a price for it, either now, or later.

Congrats on your 1st major victory, Sergio!

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18 thoughts on “Sergio Garcia, Masters Champ @ 37!

  1. David

    Deja vu DJ 🙂 I remember sending you those 2 gifs and who knew they would prove the prowess of MCS again and again. Maybe this is the year!!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Indeed, DK! I was thinking about you and MW on the weekend. Hope the golf weather is good down there!

      And this is the year for MCS, with what I’m working on right now. Stay tuned. Best to Nancy and Frisco. 😀

  2. Mike Divot

    So Rose did twinge it. I saw that and wondered if he had done something to his back. It looked like he was about to hit the deck, Tiger style.

    Also of note: Spieth and his blowups in 1st and final rounds. Six shots down the drain in two holes and he finished 8 back.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yup, he certainly did (Rose). I saw it live when he did it, and it took the announcers a while to realize what had happened with they went to replay, but I’ve seen that look and move from TW enough times that it was clear what happened.

  3. Harleyweedwhacks

    My back has taken a hit recently, experimenting with a planted heel. I just wanted to see if what you’re saying, plus my own personal experience, makes sense. My back has been sore for two days after swinging planted for just a few hours. Im certainly not doing that again.

    Youre right, if you have a proper golf swing youll be around for years, whereas with an improper motion youll be lucky to get past 25.

    1. D Watts Post author

      My back has taken a hit recently, experimenting with a planted heel.

      I would advise strongly against that, HWW – now you know, of course, but that goes for anyone else out there.

      Wax NationDon’t throw yourself down the stairs to see if it will hurt – I’ve done the research, take my word for it, on that alone if nothing else.

      Restricted-hip golf swings are death, and are not to be tried.

      Ask Harley!

      1. Mike Divot

        >>> “Wax Nation – Don’t throw yourself down the stairs to see if it will hurt”

        Oh, now you tell us! Thanks for nothing.

        I did it because I anticipated a new article in Golf Digest from (the other) DJ: “Try my tumbling down stairs move and add 20 yards to all your drives.” I didn’t want to wait!

        Now I understand (thanks to the Konica Minolta bizhub camera) that that’s a power leak.

        Turns out I also missed out on playing the Masters, probably because of that.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Out of all of the things I encourage swingers to try out for themselves, I have always been very clear on not trying to swing with a restricted hip action, because that is what’s killing the lower backs of golfers.

          Now, if you want to tumble down the stairs rather than throwing yourself, I might say, “Well, if there’s carpeting and a clear landing spot…” 😉

  4. Laser

    “Restricted-hip golf swings are death, and are not to be tried.”

    –Reminds me of something that I heard John Daly say: “I don’t restrict anything.”

  5. jh32

    Any one here watching “Jack” on the Golf channel? It’s got a lot of good swings by the Bear. Last segment is at 9 tonight, but they played the first part before the second installment last night. Jim

    1. D Watts Post author

      I wonder when was the last time Golf Channel featured classic swingers – it only took Arnie passing away and the 20th Anniversary of TW’s first major for them to do it. Let’s hope Jack is around a little while longer and TGC can find another reason to keep featuring them!

  6. buddhabob

    Obviously the modern coaches sell the planted heel as creating a more accurate game. This is the only reason they can use to sell it. Therefore attack that misconception. It is widely believed that floating heels lead to a wild game. This is why it is not practiced. It is not so much the duel misconception of greater power coming from a crank. If you look at the cute,tight swings on the Tour they literally all look like 3/4 wedge swings. Sad. It is not more accurate, But the guys using it would swear by FEEL that it is. Once again, FEEL deceives.

    1. D Watts Post author

      But the guys using it would swear by FEEL that it is.

      My only question is, “How much straighter than the old classic players are you hitting it?”

      Answer: The classic swingers were straighter, even with the inferior clubs and spinning balls. Don’t believe me, check out the driving stats for players in the 70’s and 80’s compared to now.

      So, how do you even come up with that garbage about more stability and accuracy when the persimmon and balata players were straighter than today’s players?

      As for FEEL…how’s that lower back FEEL this morning, modern golf swingers?

  7. Harleyweedwhacks

    I’m not surprised that the best driver in the game back in the 70’s had almost 80% driving accuracy. Damn that’s accurate with balata and wooden clubs.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Damn that’s accurate with balata and wooden clubs.

      Indeed, Harley, but let’s face it – if you couldn’t find the sweet spot on the face with the persimmon woods, you weren’t going to play high level golf, period.

      Even the guys with 65% Fairways with persimmon would likely have been in the 70s with the larger, more forgiving faces of today’s equipment.

      I’ve said before – most of today’s players, if they had to play in the classic era tomorrow with the classic era equipment, would be parking the sports cars rather than buying them…

      This drive by Dustin Johnson likely ended up in a playable spot – with a persimmon driver, he hits it sideways

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