FYI – I Wasn’t Planting The Heel

I have received some email inquiries about the right-dominant swing motion I posted a couple of days ago, and I suppose many of the Wax Golf readers currently visiting the site weren’t around in September of 2015, when I released the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video.

If you have it, then I would suggest re-viewing the portion on the so-called “modern golf” version of the MCS swing, wherein I explained the nature of the “floating heel.”

For those who don’t have the video (which is Part 1 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy), I’ll explain briefly – with a pure, right-dominant swing action, you will see very little to no heel lift because of how a right-dominant swing works.

Below, you will see a very minimal heel lift on the driver swing:

And it is similar to the minimal lift you have see from Rory McIlroy, when he floats his heel, and being a right-dominant swinger, you get the same effect:

And with a 9 iron swing, you may not see any lift at all with the back swing pivot, when you are talking about a pure right-dominant golf swing:

So, as I explained in the “Kinesiology” video, the nature of the right-dominant action will require a very minimal heel lift, but I was certainly not deliberately “planting” the leading heel on the back swing – it’s simply that not much is required in order to get to the top of the back swing.

When Problems Will Arise

And you will likely have the same thing going on with Dustin Johnson, who is a very pure right-dominant swinger, but even DJ (the other one) runs into leveraging issues with this form of swinging.

That’s because there is isn’t anywhere near as much leverage in a pure one-sided swing (either rightie “pushing” or lefty “pulling”), as you need a full-body pivot and swing to fully and properly leverage the swing.

And that’s when you see DJ (the other one) coming up off the left foot at times through impact, because he wants and needs more leverage than the swing is producing naturally:

DJ’s Left Foot Through Impact

You will never see this action from me, because I use proper leveraging, and the reason I have been trying to implement more right-side action in my own swing is because I’m a natural, left-handed “puller” of the golf swing.

I still have always used some right-side, just not the optimal amount (or as close to the optimal as you can get), but even then, I leveraged properly, so I could hit drives over 350 yards, and send balls up with 8 seconds hang time:

You have to have a solid leading foot through impact and the follow, in order to maximize your swing leverage, and when you see that leading foot jumping and twisting, it means something is not quite right with the mechanics.

It’s either the sign of lack of optimal leverage from the top, or that one isn’t transferring the weight properly from the trailing to the leading foot, among other causes, but those are the two most common.

So, you will see more heel lift when I re-introduce the left-side and leading side leverage, but the past couple of postings on the right-dominant swing motion have been to illustrate that right-dominant motion when performed properly and in isolation.

It’s still half a swing, which is likely why, although Dustin Johnson, although a bigger, stronger and far more athletic swinger than I am, could do even more with his swing with a tweak or two.

But as I said, he’s #1 in the World, has won 3 straight events, and likely doesn’t need or want any advice on improving his swing, so I’ll just tell you all what I see when I look at his swing, for your benefit.

I don’t write these posts for the benefit of the pros I profile – they have their own swing coaches – but if you want to improve your own swing, then this is why I post on the blog about them!!

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**


4 thoughts on “FYI – I Wasn’t Planting The Heel

  1. Harleyweedwhacks

    Normally, it’s only the longer clubs that allow for heel float…when you go down to shorter clubs the stance gets narrower, and the heel floats less. Still a free hip turn, but depending on stance width and club length the heel float varies.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good points HWW – the longer the swing, the more hip turn, the more floating heel. Works for me! 😀

  2. Van

    Hey there, I’m liking where you’re going with this DJ. Cool stuff.

    Who do you have for the final round in Augusta?


    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks, Van! I’m getting into it now, and loving it. Finally solved the spinal deformity issue, now it’s time to model some swings. 🙂

      As for today, I’m just going to enjoy watching the final round. A Sergio win would certainly play into Seve’s 60th birthday, so I might cheer a little more for El Niño, but I really have no favorites today.

      Cheers, all!

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