Masters Friday – Waiting For Spring…

So, the season apparently kicked off nearly two weeks ago and today, I awoke to yet another snow event, although it doesn’t distress me too much.

I got more accomplished in my two range sessions than I had expected, and the forecast today was for rain anyways.

I had hoped to get the right side action working on my swing model, re-adjusted with the 3 Pillars concept, in a week or so, but it only took to the 2nd time hitting balls to nail it.

I thought then (on Tuesday) that it would take another week or two to get used to this action with the right side before I could move on to getting the left side and the leading side leverage back into it, but a funny thing happened on Wednesday morning.

I was going over the swing again after writing my post for the day, and something clicked with regards to the visual, so I’ll be moving things up to add the left side component my next time out.

What happened?  Only that I’m a left-handed swinger swinging right-handed, so as easy as the visuals are for right-handers when I explain mechanics, it isn’t as simple to someone swinging and used to using a pulling, turning motion on the down swing.

5 Iron

I have said before, and I’ll repeat, that there is nothing new in the model or the mechanics I’m working on – I’m just catching up to my own model theory, as I built the MCS golf swing model using feedback from right-handed swingers who were able to very quickly implement the right side principles.

So, if you have the MCS videos, I’m not working on something that isn’t already in there – the right side action has been explained exhaustively in the Trilogy Series videos, and the reason you saw other MCS swingers in the videos is because, as right-handed swingers, they more accurately represented the model than I did myself.


However, I’m catching up and I’m doing all of this to prove that the model is the model, whether your a standard built person or one like myself, with a spinal defect, whether you’re right handed or left-handed – the model is the model, and you only have to work on the parts you’re not getting right, until you get it right.

That may sound simplistic, but what do you do when you’re working on a math theory (say, long division or algebra) and you’re not getting something?

It doesn’t mean the theory is incorrect, only that you have to work on the part you don’t get…until you get it.

How do I know MCS Theory is what it is?

Because, I’ve seen the transformation in other swingers after we worked on the MCS principles together, and most of MCS is based on the best parts of the greatest swingers of the classic era – so if MCS is wrong, then Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus would all be wrong as well, and we know they weren’t.

And I’m tired of having watched other swingers use my MCS theory to their benefit and leave me behind.

So No, I don’t have to swing as well as a pro player or a top college amateur, or anyone else, if I know how to impart the theory to others.

I simply want to, because my original swing research was so that I myself could figure out a proper golf swing, out of frustration with the modern golf swing teachings and theories.

They were and continue to be bogus theories, all of them – if you aren’t using your legs and hips to swing, then the model is wrong, and if you’re trying to restrict a natural hip turn in any way, and compensate with twisting the torso to complete the shoulder turn, then the model is wrong.

Those two things I’ve just mentioned, are part and parcel of every modern golf swing model, and they’re all wrong.

So, I’m building my own right-dominant MCS Golf Swing with all of the yummy tidbits contained therein – from the basic stance that is most similar to Jack Nicklaus’ from the 60’s and his later years, to the “floating” perfect pivot action of Ben Hogan, to the awesome leveraged low-heel impact down swing of Mike Dunaway, complete with the extended right arm impact position:

I didn’t come all this way just to figure out the optimal golf swing model – I intend to use it for myself, and I’ll figure out in which manner, once I’ve got it.


Nearly there!

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**