Right Dominant MCS – Down The Line

Here are some swings shown down the line.

Note: While I had the camera positioned properly for the iron swings, I neglected to shift it when I teed up the driver balls, so the illusion is that the ball was going a little left of its actual line.

If you look at the two trees in the distance that serve as goal posts, I was aiming between them on my swings, at the bushier tree between them on all the swings.

I am struck again by how easy the swings looked when I was making a full, cruising swing as I would on the golf course.

9 Iron

The power is all in the hip turn and the right arm action, and from there, I have a little regimen planned for the next few weeks.

I have no intention of swinging going forward with just the right arm action, so I will be working on getting the left side in as well, without it turning into a “pulling” swing action.

7 Iron

The funny thing is, I would be more than long enough if playing golf with just the right arm action, but I don’t do anything halfway.

So I will first get comfortable with the right-dominant action, and when it begins to feel more natural, the dual-action will either kick in by itself or I will work on it.

5 Iron

All in all, considering it’s the first day I nailed the mechanics, I am not unhappy with the results.

I like what I’m seeing, though the driver will take a tad more adjustment on the address – the irons are pretty much the same, and while the driver swing is essentially the same, the fact that you are swinging into the ball with an upward or level strike as opposed to the “through the ball” action of the irons, I anticipated I might have to work separately on the driver versus irons/wedge.

As I predicted as well, the back swing has tightened and shortened now that I’ve found my true address position (to accommodate the spine twist and bend), and I’ll be looking at the swing with my long drive clubs in a little while, once I’m satisfied with my “cruising” swings with the irons and regular drivers.

As with anything, you improve with practice and reps, so I’m very excited to see how much better this gets as I round into swing shape and get used to the new action.

It’s not that the action is un-natural – this is about as close to my perfectly optimal stance and action as I can hope to achieve, and it’s a matter of getting the old action out of the muscle memory and building a new visual for the swing to make it unconscious.

But I’m close to where I was when I built my basketball free-throw and jump shot techniques!

Video to come, but I may have better video than what I got today, in the next couple of days…

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“Dropping The Hammer!”


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4 thoughts on “Right Dominant MCS – Down The Line

  1. David

    Congratulations DJ, the swing has an ease and simple look to it. Really like the position in the last picture. The arms are in a great position to strike.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks DK – not finished yet, but a great start using the 3 Pillars to set up my own position. It should be downhill from here, but we’ll see – I’m having fun again with the swing in ways I never thought I’d get to have again 🙂

  2. buddhabob

    what do I know but I liked your other swing before, if you have the ambidextrous power I say use it, go with it.

    Now…. Dustin Johnson. Does anyone know the real reason for his back going out on him. ? I mentioned this a while back.

    Everybody loves this guys swing. He cranks. He has weakened his back overtime and a fall then was the straw that… fill in the blanks. My two cents.

    No one is invulnerable to the modern swing. When the hell are one or more of the greats going to finally step forward and do their duty?

    1. D Watts Post author

      what do I know but I liked your other swing before, if you have the ambidextrous power I say use it, go with it.

      Ah, but I’m not finished with it, buddha – this is only half of a proper swing, as I said in the posting. I haven’t added the left side back into it yet, but I thought people might enjoy seeing the sausage being made…unless that’s not something you’re interested in? 😉

      DJ (the other one)… I’m going to hold my tongue for now, but I will say there’s something strange going on, I just don’t know what it is, and I have no basis to speculate, so I’ll say “no comment” in response to your musings.

      Except for one thing that I’ll say… it’s… strange…

      The most logical explanation isn’t that he slipped and hurt his back, and I’ll leave it at that.

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