6 Month Break Is Over – 1st Range Session Of 2017!

It went very well, actually – this was the first day hitting a bucket of balls in nearly six months, considering the last bucket previously was last October – where has the time gone?!?

I went to test out the new “3 Pillars” concept I developed over the winter, and I can report that, especially with a 6 month break, I struck the ball better than I ever have after an extended layoff.

I only hit a large bucket, not wanting to overdo things on the first day back, so I wasn’t out there very long, but long enough to get some video to study over the next day or so, but the concept worked out great.

Not only was it the first time out in ages, I used an old set of McGregor irons that are longer and heavier than my usual Hogan Apex sticks, as I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone, but it didn’t matter.

9 Iron

The main thing I wanted to show you all was that, if I completely disregarded the “Fundamentals Trifecta” of the standard MCS Golf Swing theory model and simply set up using the athletically-intuitive “3 Pillars” concept, that you end up in essentially the same place.

And here are the stances with 4 different clubs:

Aside from seemingly same ball position with the three irons (and it isn’t, it just appears that way, as I’ll explain later if this remains a constant with my setup over the next few days), the only thing you’d notice about my face-on steup is that my ball placement is further towards the target.

This, I predicted would happen when I set up to feel athletic with my spinal deformity, deviating slightly from the standard Fundamentals setup, but everything else is consistent with the standard MCS model.

7 Iron

Now, considering it’s been that long since my last range session, I have to give the day an 8, perhaps 8.5 on the results.  I was particularly struck, when I got home to look at the video, by how steady that head is on the “floating pivot” mechanics when you are set up properly.

I will caution people again not to think that the way I’m set up is the standard way to do it – I have a twist and an bend in my spine (scoliosis) that prevents me from setting up the way the standard model was developed.

I’m showing that, even with my physical differences, that the setup a variation of the standard model, and that the mechanical action is exactly the same, once I’m set up.

5 Iron

I did notice that my down swing mechanics are still in the short-stop slide manner rather than the Dunaway step-around, but you can only work on so many things at once, and I was primarily concerned with the set up using the 3 Pillars concept.

Once I have that ironed out, I will turn to the down swing, which will simply require adjustment to my settled-upon setup in order to produce that action on the down swing from the top.

All in all, pretty good, and here you see the proof that the modern golf swing pros are doing something very weird, when they take even a week or two off swinging and have to start all over again to just be able to put the club face on the ball.


I took six months off, and hit the ball as well as I could have wanted to, even though I felt very stiff and awkward making the swings.

Some of you will have noticed the shorter back swing as well, which I also predicted would happen when I resumed my speed training with the SwingRite training club.

That’s about it for now, and it’s Masters week!

More to come.

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“Dropping The Hammer!”


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2 thoughts on “6 Month Break Is Over – 1st Range Session Of 2017!

  1. Brady

    Real good DJ. Right side is firing with more authority. You are outstanding at getting the club off the back of your neck and back on plane on the downswing. Does that make sense? It is one of the aspects of the swing not often discussed that Lee Comeaux talks about.

    My hands tend to drop straight down from the top of the backswing yours get back on plane and move toward the ball. Monty Scheinblum calls it getting your left arm off your chest to avoid getting stuck. Just a variation on the same theme really

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Brady – I don’t know if anyone else can see it, but in the gif. swings, I see some really nice acceleration into the swing bottom coming down.

      I was really compressing the ball with the irons, and I may have to get a stiffer driver shaft – if I’ve increased the speed and power from last year, my shafts as they stand likely won’t be able to load properly.

      I didn’t get any numbers or distances, but I plan to, once I’ve ironed out the concept and things settle down.

      A couple of weeks to knock off this rust will really help too!

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