Finally Underway For 2017! (A Delayed Start)

OK, Wax Nation – I said before the New Year that 2017 was going to be the year of years, and I meant it.

The “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video project went a month over the estimated time, so although it was a 2017 release, it was merely the finishing of the business of 2016.

Now, it’s time for 2017 and what I have in store:

First and foremost, I will be finishing the first order of business for this year, which is “The Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever,” an eBook on the basics of a mechanically-correct swing model for anyone looking for such.

It’s not the entire MCS Swing Theory in a book, of course, or it wouldn’t be the “simplest” book ever – I will be working on that tome going forward, but you can look at the upcoming project as a book form of the “5 Minutes of MCS” video, but a little more in depth.

Coming This Month!

When that is completed, I will eventually get it onto Amazon for public offering, but I will likely have a release next week on this site, for those who really want it – I have been wading through all of the what-for’s and details of publishing on Amazon and, I have to say, it may take a while to properly format the eBook for that vehicle, but meanwhile, I will have it available here in pdf. form until I can iron out everything for an Amazon drop.

I’ve been working on it and hope to have it finished by next week, but it’s also spring break, so there are the usual “kids at home” distractions and events through which to work, so it’ll be touch and go.

I’ve said that the current MCS Golf Swing model is the optimal way (according to all of my research and the years of working personally with swingers of all skill levels), but of course there are fundamental principles to follow if you’re going to swing with mechanical-correctness, even if you don’t use the official MCS model.

This book will give anyone who wants it, a basic, mechanically-sound golf swing model with the principles to aid you, without having to delve into every aspect of the MCS model – it’s a great way to either get started with a mechanically-correct swing motion or even to reinforce those fundamentals if you’re already following MCS through the videos.

The in-depth and definitive book on the finished MCS Swing Theory, which for now I’ll simply title “E = MCS,” will be something on which I’ll be working in the next weeks and months to come.

I will also be looking into consolidating the MCS Trilogy video series for public consumption, but that is something that will likely take a while to do, so I won’t be making any pronouncements on the future video version of “E = MCS” until I have some idea when I’ll be making and releasing that video, again on Amazon.

The Beginning – “MCS Ultimate Leverage”

Considering that the entire current collection of videos, from “Ultimate Leverage” to “Dropping The Hammer” spans nearly 3 years of work… it will be something that I’ll naturally need more than a month or two to shoot, produce and release, but I’m excited about this.

The End – “MCS – Dropping The Hammer”

That brings me to my next order of business, which will be to test out the adjustments I’ve made to my personal model of MCS.

I will be completely and brutally honest with you all – I have made done so much intensive swing research over the years because I could never quite perform the swing according to the standard model, so I don’t think I’ve personally come close to my maximum performance with regards to the swing.

Now that I’ve figured out the issues caused by my scoliosis, and now that the research is complete and I have finished the “MCS Golf Swing Trilogy,” I’ve been able to focus on mysel and finally feel as though I’m coming into my own with the MCS swing.

And that, my friends, has me itching to grab my collection of drivers and head for the range and course to “let it all hang out.”


You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

If, and only if I can get that that business straightened out quickly once the season begins in April, I will be looking at the possibility of travelling to Oklahoma at summer’s end to perhaps dip a toe in the Long Drive waters… but that will take luck, hard work and everything coming together properly.

I’ll keep you all posted, but I’m working on the book right now, and it won’t be long before it’s completed and available for around $10-15 USD!

More to come.

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**