(Updated: Out of API W/No Return Date) We Can Call Tiger’s Career Now…

Make no mistake – it was a great run, featuring the probably best 10 year span ever, and in totality the 2nd greatest career of all time with 14 majors won, but it’s a wrap.

No surprise to anyone paying attention, but if the usual boosters are not saying anything positive right now, and if they’re in fact saying things that seem a little ominous, I imagine we can roll up Tiger Woods’ playing career now for posterity.

In the latest installment of “will he or won’t he?” I’ll go and predict we aren’t going to see Tiger in this year’s Masters toonamint, and if he doesn’t play in the Masters more than two months following his “not-so-serious back spasm” incident in Dubai, I’m expecting a retirement announcement this year.

If not a complete withdrawal from competition, then at least an admission that he’ll be little more than a ceremonial player going forward, because this is not what you want to see from a player who has had 3 back surgeries and whose “return” to competitive golf this year lasted exactly 3 rounds of 18 – from Will Gray at Golf Central Blog, we get:

(Steve) Stricker: I don’t think Tiger is physically well

As speculation mounts over the on-course future of Tiger Woods, the silence coming from the camp of the 14-time major champ continues. But count Steve Stricker among the select few who have had at least some contact with Woods since he’s been sidelined with back spasms…

While Stricker has not seen Woods recently, the two have traded texts and Stricker has received updates from several sources regarding Woods’ recovery. According to Stricker, the news isn’t particularly good.

“He’s working hard at it, but I don’t think he’s doing that well right now physically,” Stricker said…

Stricker watched Woods’ opening-round 77 in Dubai on television and noticed quickly that something was amiss.

“Just the way he was walking didn’t quite look right. He was walking really gingerly,” Stricker said. “It didn’t really look physically like he was ready to play.”

Do tell, Steve – you’ll remember that I was initially so-so on his performance in the Bahamas last December – I saw a couple of good things, but the rubber-band torso back swing was still there, and I didn’t see that lasting too long:

And then, when I got a look at this stance on the range hitting balls in Dubai, I was not only not surprised he’d WD’d from the tournament, I said at the time he was lucky to have only suffered back spasms swinging that way:

Then, a couple of days later, he pulled the plug on his next couple of tournaments, and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of T-Dubs since then.

So, I’ll be shocked – shocked! if he commits to play the API next week (deadline on Friday), and it’s hard to shock me, but he may just pull that rabbit out of the hat.

However, based on the words of one of his few confidants, on his progress – Stricker’s either punking us, or telegraphing the inevitable, to follow sometime in the future.

My money’s on the latter.

I said a few weeks back that he’s done playing, without a swing overhaul from the modern horror show.

So… I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again, but…

We’ll see…

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7 thoughts on “(Updated: Out of API W/No Return Date) We Can Call Tiger’s Career Now…

  1. Laser

    Done…really done? Well, before I bet, I’d like to review his endorsement contracts. If they specify a certain number of appearance, then that might be what TW attempts. Likely, not 4 rounds at a time, but just enough.

    If the contracts didn’t specify minimum appearances…maybe sponsors will learn to start reading DJ Watts.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, it’s not like I’m the only one saying this – however I got an awesome “what if” from someone the other day, musing, wonder how quickly pros would change their swings if the insurance companies they go to for career-ending coverage looked at and evaluated the correctness of their swings before naming a premium?

      I bet some pros with really back-breaking motions might be more inclined to make a change if their premiums suddenly went up due to increased injury risk… after all, these companies are into assessing risk, right?

      I bet they’d have loved to know an analyst’s thoughts on Anthony Kim’s swing before they insured him against injury. Just saying…

      1. Mike Divot

        In the boardroom of Neverpayem Mutual.

        “Mr Kostis, we’d like you to assess Mr Brokenback’s swing”

        “Sure. Well, you can see here on the Konica Minolta bizhub Xray and MRI camera that the discs in his spine are herniated and he actually bursts them on his backswing. And on the downswing his vertebrae grind together, for power. This is a very sound golf swing.”

  2. Chief Cowpie

    Another sign that he isn’t doing well is Rory’s fiancé hasn’t been complaining of Tiger sending him texts of how much he’s lifting in the weight room.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It seems he has gone radio silent. Well, except for Stricker, it would appear…

  3. Laser

    Well, your influence is spreading, either indirectly…or directly?

    As I skimmed my April Golf Digest (gift subscription), I came to an article on page 89 that was making predictions about the 2017 Masters. The magazine “interviewed dozens of players, caddies, coaches, and KEEN OBSERVERS…”

    So, I got page 102, assessing TW. “I can’t say that I like anything about TW’s golf swing. He needs to be looser in his left foot, more old-style, letting the heel come up—that would give him more hip rotation and help him get his left knee behind the ball. He’d also have more power. With his left foot on the ground, there’s too much strain on the spine.”

    That left me wondering…who was that particular KEEN OBSERVER?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I have no idea who that is, Laser – but I surely am not the only person on earth who sees TW’s swing and say, “Uh, no…”

      And I don’t know why Golf Digest is including Tiger Woods in any 2017 Masters predictions – he won’t be playing this year, if indications bear out:

      From USA Today:

      Tiger Woods still doesn’t know when he’ll return to the PGA Tour.

      But it won’t be at next week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational. Woods announced on his web site that “due to ongoing rest and rehabilitation on my back,” he won’t play at Bay Hill.

      Yes, that’s my prediction on the Masters…

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