I’m Onto Something Big… Working On It…

feb27-mar3It’s not a new model, that ship has sailed.

The only model I will ever present is the current one, with the MCS standard right-biased address and the positions I’ve referenced within that stance.

It’s not really a mechanics change, as any pivot I perform with my golf swing is according to the mechanics I’ve laid out in the MCS Trilogy Series, so what am I working on?

Well, I’ve talked about the transition from mechanical action (trying to move like a robot, which doesn’t work the best with flesh-and-blood humans) to the unconscious action (where you just move without thinking about about individual parts or actions), and there is the last “phase,” I guess you would call it, when you put everything together just swing.

Below, you can see two different swings made 5 days apart – Sunday and this morning, in that order:

SwingRite Swings – Feb 26 vs March 3


They were both made with the device on the same tension setting, and both swings produced a “click” when I really focused and went at it, but I see a slightly more relaxed action in this morning’s swing compared to Sunday’s.

And there is the key I’ve been working on since I began to really think about the action that would produce the click on every swing (as I’ve said, I want at least 3 consecutive swings with a “click” to know that I’m on the right track, motion-wise).

It’s all about position.

Then you go for motion.

The position and leverage produce the leverage and speed.  This is why swing tips and little changes to a “motion” don’t work without the requisite change in position to create that motion naturally during the action.

This is why you won’t get any better if you “try Dustin Johnson’s left wrist bow!!!” as instructed to, without having the same position as that from which DJ is swinging, let alone his swing action.

Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it, but how many times have you read about a little “move” that is the secret to getting better?

Just as when I advise on the “drop and pop” aspect of the down swing – if you think you’re going to be able to do it without having the MCS position from which to do it when swinging, then you can drop and pop all you want to, but it isn’t going to work.

So, the funny thing I’ve been finding, now that I’ve found my adjusted position from which to swing (the adjustment being necessary because I have a twisted spine and can’t stand the way the standard model dictates), I am getting better at just swinging, and not worrying about position or action or anything other than producing as much speed and power as I can.

This is strictly speed and long distance training, for sure – I wouldn’t swing as hard as I am with the SwingRite on the lowest settings unless I were trying to absolutely kill that ball, and I might only do that a couple of times out on the course while playing.

Or dabbling in long drive…

What you do however, when you do what I’m doing, is you make your “playing” swing that much more powerful and repeatable, so that your “ho-hum” 290 yard carry becomes a 300 yard carry, or 310… you get the idea.

Increasing your maximum swing speed will naturally increase your cruising speed, so the solution to getting more speed out of your playing swing is not to try to swing harder, but to swing faster, and that comes from developing natural speed in the training part of your golf practice routine.

So, I’m swinging more relaxed than I ever have, and I’m swinging faster and faster than I ever have – this morning, I took about 4 or 5 swings to warm up, trying to get a “click,” where last week, and then when I put on the glove, another swing or two and then I got the “click.”

Before, I might swing a dozen times before clicking it on that setting, but now, it’s a matter of loosening up, getting that visual, and getting after it.

Like I said, you want to keep moving that benchmark and when I can get that SwingRite to click on the absolute lowest setting, I’ll then move to getting that click quickly after a few warm-up swings.

I have to get cracking on the “Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever” eBook I’ll be releasing on Amazon, but the personal swing progress I’m making daily is making it difficult to focus on that!




6 thoughts on “I’m Onto Something Big… Working On It…

  1. David

    DJ, I thought I was looking at Scott Piercy’s swing. He always plays with that relaxed motion that you are demonstrating there. That is PURE!!! I have never seen your motion so relaxed. I think you are on to something.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I can see, feel and hear a difference, DK – I would call what I’ve been doing heretofore, the “robot” swing for the MCS model.

      Now, I’m getting into the real “human” motion of the model, where everything just falls into place.

      Today’s swing:

      You get this, I bet you’re even longer and straighter than you have been, and post-surgery too! 😉

  2. Laser

    “The unconscious action (where you just move without thinking about about individual parts or actions), and there is the last ‘phase.'”

    –Now you’re going where no man has ever gone before.

    Everyone seems to think a little differently. For me, I guess I’d call it an awareness. When I swing a baseball bat, sure the legs & glutes are doing most of the work, but the effort is focused somewhere else…maybe like a gyroscope…not really doing very much of the work, but it has a connection to the brain, I guess. It’s all too complicated and rapid to try to manipulate, so the brain has a way of channeling the power to the finesse.

    It’s the same with splitting short sections of logs for firewood. How do you get your axe to hit your mark with power & speed? I’ve been doing that for so long that I never really thought about it. Then, I recently started bowling after a looong layoff. There’s a place where I want the swing to “come from” (even though the effort is merely focused there)…or maybe it’s a center of balance…or more of a result than a cause…or something.

    With 2-dimensional face-on and down-the-line views you can’t see what I’m thinking about. But, on your recently posted views of Sam Snead…hmmm.

    I hope I didn’t contaminate your thoughts.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I still think of something when I swing, Laser, but when I’ve been making the speed training swings, I’ve had a lot of trouble figuring out afterward what I’ve been doing because my mind is so blank at the time.

      Perhaps one position, where my hands are before I begin the weight shift, is what I think about during the swings.

      Tempo, and getting my hands where I want them at the transition phase:

      Other than that, I have to actually stand up and swing again to fathom what exactly is going on.

      I’d call that pretty thought-free! 😉

  3. Justin Case

    Oh I really like this look. Agree with David above, something is going on here, can’t wait to see where you take it DJ!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks, JC! I’ll have some idea where it’s going when I get back to hitting balls outdoors, which shouldn’t be too long, with our having no snow cover.

      So, as soon as the temps get up a little and the ground dries (2-3 wks), I should be able to see what this new action is doing. Feels great tho! 🙂

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