Full Circle In 4 Years – Back To “Swinging A Stick”

swing a stickSome of you have been around for more than the past couple of years, so I bet you’ll remember the video I made over 3 years back (released November ’13), when I said I had figured out the concept of the Mike Austin swing model, and it was as simple as “swinging a stick.”

Well, not to my surprise, because I fully know how to swing a stick, that concept was correct, and the only problem I had with it was the same problem I had with the MA model.

That was – you can swing with mechanical-correctness, and you can swing a stick with mechanical correctness, but if you’re not right-biased in the address, it won’t be an optimal action.

So, if you have the old “Finding Mike Austin” video, go back and watch it again, and except for the address position not being right-biased as the final MCS swing model turned out to be, everything else applies.

Below is a swing gif. from the spring of 2014, which is three years ago now!

Why is that?

swing a stick gif

Because, while swinging the SwingRite yesterday and fully examining what I was doing (because I want a repeatable action as I increase my speed and power), I left off with the final thought, “Hmm, now it’s just like swinging a stick…again!”

DJ Swings A Stick – 2017


Meaning, if you take the old video and change your address stance to the “Leaning A” position that I introduced in the new MCS model (from “Ultimate Leverage” all the way to “Dropping The Hammer”), you’ll be where we are now with the MCS model theory.

But of course, that delights me but doesn’t surprise me at all – I had my personal issues with my spinal deformity that were causing problems with my own swing execution, but the theory, based on having a “normal” body, was bang-on.

So, we’ve been on the right track with swing mechanics (“we” being the Wax Nation), and the only delay in putting it all together as early as 2013-14 was the waiting for DJ to wake up and figure out why his own swing didn’t match the standard model and his own theory.

Step 1: Find The “Dropping The Hammer” Position


So, to tie it all together, you want to use the “Dropping The Hammer” concept to put yourself in the proper position to swing with the right side being dominant, and then you want to make that “perfect pivot” action..

Step 2: Then Make Your “Perfect Pivot”

hogan pivot

And then, you simply want to visualize that “swinging a stick” action of the “drop & pop” action of Mike Dunaway:

Step 3: Swing That Stick


For The “Pullers”

I would add now, that if you’re swinging a stick, swing it with the right hand as the focus, and not the pulling left hand if you want to perfect your action and increase/maximize your leverage, speed and power.

It’s perfectly fine to swing with a “pulling” action, it just isn’t optimal, but you can still play golf and swing very well with that “pulling-hybrid” action I talk about in the MCS Trilogy Series.

Now, that was easy, wasn’t it?


Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**

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4 thoughts on “Full Circle In 4 Years – Back To “Swinging A Stick”

  1. Harleyweedwhacks

    DJ, do you think that if nothing were to be taught to a new player to the game, they’d naturally create an MCS swing over time?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I have no doubt, HWW – except you’ll get varying results depending on the aptitude of the person taking up the task.

      Sam Snead taught himself a very MCS swing in the 20’s and 30’s as a boy, never had a lesson. But for every Sam Snead, you would have had a hundred less-apt swingers who would have needed to be taught a proper swing.

      Even in the days of the classic swing, you didn’t just pick up a club and make perfect swings.

      When it comes to technical proficiency, a very few will learn it by themselves, and most others will have to at least be shown the fundamentals, just as playing the piano can be self-taught but most likely will require at least some basic instruction.

      You can rest assured however that the contrived and mechanically-unsound Modern Golf Swing is not the product of natural talent figuring out the swing – it is a tortured and manipulated (and unnatural) swing action manufactured from whole cloth.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Yes, HK – he was still swinging MCS and winning junior tournaments last I heard from BT about him. Good memory!

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