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Golf Digest’s “Five Ways” To Help Destroy Your Back

You’ve actually seen the man responsible for this latest Golf Digest abomination before, when I wrote about Golf Digest trying to kill you – or destroy your back, whichever came first.

Now, Ron Kaspriske enlists GD Fitness Advisor Ben Shear (which is an interesting surname, because these tips will aid you in doing exactly that to the discs in your lower back) to assist in the ongoing carnage.

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Season’s Open Is Here! Pre-Masters Roundup

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have Dustin Johnson as the ’17 Masters favorite… 3 consecutive Tour wins, #1 in the OWGR with a bullet, and as cool and calm as you could ask.

He plays a fade and has length to spare – so if I had money on the outcome, it would be on him.

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The Golf Swing = Baking A Cake

OK, based on a comment from DB Coop about “cooking” something up, I had a sudden thought about the golf swing along those lines – bear with me if you will, but it’s like baking a cake.

Now, I said yesterday that the golf ball doesn’t care how you swing, only about impact conditions.  And if you want to play golf that same way (it doesn’t matter how you swing, the only thing that matters is getting the ball in the hole), then you can, but you will certainly be lacking something, especially if you’re risking injury simply because your technique is unsound.

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Let’s Break It Down – The Purpose Of The Swing

I’ve been doing more work on the 3 Pillars of a proper swing, which are simply, the Swing Point, the Swing Arc and the Hands.

You can distill the swing down to those three pillars (if you don’t want to, then don’t, but my point is that you can), because of the simple purpose of the golf swing.

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This Is Way Cool – GEARS

Wax Nation member J.S. sent me a link to a Youtube video that uses something called GEARS technology to analyse motion in the motion on a swing, and this looks very cool.

Now, I’m not saying I agree with anything being said about the swing shown in the video, because I believe it’s an analysis of a modern golf swing, for which I have no use, but imagine if we could have hooked Jack Nicklaus up to one of these when he was swinging his best!

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“Swinging Left” Is Another Back-Breaking Modern Absurdity

I don’t know how long he was doing it, but it’s funny, I only noticed that Tiger Woods was practicing this insane “swing left” move around the time he started having back issues.

I’m not saying that’s when he began (around the time he was first working with Sean Foley), but that’s when I noticed it and asked myself “what on earth is he doing, and why?”

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The Swing Point, The Arc & The Hands

I have been a bit quiet on the blog this week as I prepare to begin the ’17 outdoor season, but I have to say, you can distill the essence of the golf swing motion into three concepts – the Swing Point, the Arc and the Hands.

Everything you have to do, regarding the stance, grip, mechanical action – it all comes down to the Swing Point and the Arc.

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Another “Expert” Says Jack Nicklaus Didn’t Know How To Swing

I had another blog post planned for today on Moe Norman’s “master move,” but this couldn’t wait.

If you want to know why I am perpetually sounding grumpy on my blog, it’s because of things like the clip I’m posting below the fold.  Thanks to Wax Nation member A.M. for forwarding it.

It features yet another expert who knows more than medical doctors and the greatest swingers ever to play the game.

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Golf Vs The Other “Sports”

I was actually working on this post below when Laser commented on the previous posting – serendipity!

Laser said:

“I’m going to go out on a limb and submit that 2-D photos have limitations in teaching because people performing athletic acts aren’t picturing how an outside observer sees them.

That’s a field that’s overdue for study: somebody should ask football place-kickers, baseball pitchers, bowlers…and golfers what they’re thinking about…”

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Moe Norman Proves “Feel Isn’t Real” But… That “Master Move” Was!

I love Moe Norman.  There were two swingers I looked at primarily in the first years of my swing research, and they were Ben Hogan and Moe.

That’s because of more than one reason – the first, being my 2nd and last swing instructor was a Hogan/Moe fan, and had build his own swing model that he taught, based on Hogan and Moe.

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