On Finding Mike Dunaway

md-dj-finishOnce again, I have proven to myself (if not to anyone else) that you really can’t figure out some things just by looking at them.

With the one exception of having figured out Ben Hogan’s pivot action simply by watching him in video clips and then mimicking the action, I haven’t ever figured out a swing move in any way other than having performed the action and then having seen that it was like someones else’s.

Case in point – I found the late Mike Dunaway by switching to a right-dominant down swing and then by tightening my back swing pivot to really leverage the down swing, and voila!! the action of one Mike Dunaway appeared:


It’s not the exact same action, of course – my stance is wider than his in this comparison, and I’m right-biased in my stance where he was center-biased, so my step-around is bigger than and occurs a little before his, and you’ll get a little different action from me when I’m swinging an actual club rather than just the SwingRite, but it’s the same action.

It wasn’t anything I deliberately tried to do, either – when I made the adjustments to my stance to account for the spine twist, and when I began to use the right arm as the driver instead of the pulling left arm and shoulder, the action appeared.

And the proof of what I’ve been saying about Mike Dunaway’s down swing action being the ultimate – of course, that I’ve gone from my usual “5” setting on the SwingRite all the way down to “1.5” or so in a matter of days, raising my top stick-tip speed from 90 mph to 104 mph in that time.

All of what I’m doing, you’ll find in the “Dunaway Down Swing” section of the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, if you’ve got it, and in fact the proper down swing action with the right arm is explained in all three “MCS Trilogy” videos, but of course, I took extra time in the latest video to explain the down swing mechanics.

I don’t know how much more proof you would need, but that’s enough for me.

And there you have it – you want the MCS or Jack Nicklaus stance, the back swing action of Ben Hogan, and the down swing action of Mike Dunaway which will give you the ultimate golf swing, whether for playing golf or competing in long drive.


So, as Laser observed yesterday, I’m in the home stretch of my personal quest to figure out a proper golf swing, a journey that began all the way back in the summer of ’97, and which was interrupted by my quitting the game in frustration in ’98, and which began anew in 2005 with my vow to “figure it out once and for all.”


I still have my Callaway Big Bertha driver, and in honor of his contribution to my swing theory, I will definitely be taking some cuts this spring with it – after all, Dunaway was the club-tester for Callaway when they developed the original Big Bertha driver!

I also still have the head of my beloved Big Bertha Strong 3 metalwood, the shaft of which I destroyed back in the summer of ’06, and I think I may just go ahead now and see if I can get it re-shafted.

I just don’t know if club makers can still re-shaft the bored-through Callaway heads, but I’ll find out shortly, I guess.

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**

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10 thoughts on “On Finding Mike Dunaway

    1. D Watts Post author

      I angle it upwards slightly, Tom. The device uses doppler radar so you can’t really do much wrong.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well I don’t have much of a comment on that deal. From the article it seems Kostis is little more than a club fitter.

      I have no idea why he’d need a “coach,” but if Sadlowski’s getting swing advice as well, he should be driving it 320 in no time…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Sure I have, Tom – but this is absurdity in the extreme, what I read in that article. Grip size, shaft length, driver loft?!?!

      Sadlowski is getting nothing from Kostis (at least, according to what I’ve read) that he couldn’t get from a competent club-fitter and a Trackman session, and likely for a great deal less.

      He was already an accomplished golfer before this Kostis thing. Grip size isn’t going to be the difference between Sadlowski making the big show or not. It’s called being properly fitted for one’s equipment, and even good amateurs do that.

      Play around with your grip size, by all means. Been there, done it. I had Moe Norman-thick grips from ’05 to ’08. And at the end of the day, I swing the club the same, thin grips or thick.

      1. Laser

        “Moe Norman thick grips”

        –Actually, they were Natural Golf thick grips. They had a contract with Moe. Todd Graves spent a lot of time with Moe (but I don’t know if he’s still in the instruction business). He wrote, “In my time spent with Moe, he often complained that the Natural Golf grips were too large for his hands. Pictures of Moe throughout his career show that he played with standard sized grips fit to his [LARGE] hand size.”

        1. D Watts Post author

          No, they weren’t Natural Golf grips, they were regular grips over which I wrapped a roll of hockey tape, half a roll per club. Probably should have said “Moe Norman-type thick grips,” as I never touched anything that had anything to do with Natural Golf.

          I actually (being from Canada) have known quite a few people who knew Moe, and George Knudson, whose widow used to live down the road in my town. Met Knudson’s son when he taught at a range up the road from where I live.

          I even know a fellow (helped him with a few charity golf events and with a program for stroke and traumatic injury survivors) who has a trick-shot biz and who did a radio show with Sean Foley back in the late ’90’s before Foley’s big break…. Canadian golf is a very, very small world!

  1. targettom

    I suspected as much. I have experimented with putters that have different grip size. For the putter it doesn’t matter to me because I’m only swinging it 1 mph. I have 3 putters, one is an old 8802 with a pencil grip, good enough for Crenshaw so …

    1. D Watts Post author

      This is my swing in September of 2007, a couple of months after I began blogging on the swing. Baseball grip and very thick grips go very well together. So if you’re going to use extra thick grips, I would recommend the baseball grip. Produces a very smooth, non-twisting action through the ball, and here you can see I was swinging planted-heel.

      Not for very long though, which is why I can still walk 😉

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