Sneak Peek – DJ’s Right-Dominant Swing

swingrite-addr-topI shot a quick video clip of the right-dominant swing action I’ve been working on for the last while, and I can’t believe how much more compact it is than what I used to consider my best action.

As you’ll see and hear, this adjustment for me has dramatically increased my speed and power as I use the SwingRite stick for feedback, and today was the first day swinging after having determined what I was doing to get to the speed setting I’m on right now.

This was not the lowest setting (it was on 3, and last night I got down to about 1.5, but I wasn’t going to try that cold for a video clip), and I did it just to see what my action currently looks like, but I thought I’d share the motion with you all.

Keep in mind – this is me working on my Max Level swing speed, so when I’m playing golf, you won’t get as vigorous an action, of course.

DJ Swings Right-Dominant With The SwingRite

A few thoughts:

You can see it’s the same stance and action that I’ve said won’t change in the MCS “floating pivot” golf swing model – I’ve simply adjusted my position for my twisted spine, and to be able to extend fully through the bottom.

You’ll also see that you will never ever hit a ball on the back swing (at least not the one you’re trying to hit), so my back swing is not violent or quick, but deliberate and composed.

I’ve also solved the mystery (to me) of how Mike Dunaway was able to generate such speed and power with a relatively short back swing compared to long drivers, and it’s because of how you leverage the club from the top.


So, I’m patiently waiting for the outdoor season to begin in a few weeks, and meanwhile, I’m getting into swing shape with the knowledge that I’m already much faster (and longer) than I probably have ever been, right off the bat!


I’ll be working on tempo and conditioning, because I can’t believe how much energy it takes to swing all-out even just a couple of dozen times.

Those long drive guys are tough!

More to come.



6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – DJ’s Right-Dominant Swing

  1. Laser

    Your backswing is shorter. Looks more like Hogan & Dunaway.

    Hogan’s book “Power Golf” (1948) revealed that he formerly had a tendency to over-swing on the backswing. So, now you’re on the home stretch.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I have been stuck on the plateau since late ’14 with regards to technique, Laser. This week, that plateau was obliterated.

      Let’s see that stretch run!! 😀

  2. Brady

    Niice! Looks a lot like Tom Lehman with the head lowering on the downswing as you leverage into the hammer drop. For a very short time pre TW Tommy leg drive was number one. Lehman was and still is an outstanding ball striker with a great pivot. Having long arms doesn’t hurt either!
    Hogan and Snead also had pretty long wingspans, you can see that in Dustin Johnson as well. Makes for better and far easier way to gain leverage.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I remember Tom Lehman well – the first U.S. Open I watched was Congressional in ’97, when he and Colin Montgomery lost a close one to Ernie Els. I still have it on VHS somewhere!

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