I Didn’t Know What Leverage Was Before Last Night

swingrite-settingsSeriously, I didn’t have any idea what optimal leverage was until last night, when I went lower on the SwingRite setting than I’d even gone the last time I went at it.

The secret to power production and speed, as I’ve said, is to use leverage over muscle power, and of course, when you combine the two, explosive results await you.

I have been creeping lower on the SwingRite tension gauge and can remember, when I used to swing it years ago, being stuck on the 5 setting.

I posted earlier about how, when I began really going after the right-dominant action rather than my usual hybrid “pulling” action, I finally broke through my plateau and began to go lower on the stick (or higher in swing speed).


Now, I’ve buried the 3 setting (and I was driving the ball 350 yards and longer with a standard length driver when I was stuck on the 5, just saying), and it doesn’t matter how low I get on it now, because I found what I was looking for.

I’ve been working on one thing while swinging the device – trying to articulate to myself exactly how I was swinging when I got the best results and that old stick would click.

I’m not interested in flailing away and sometimes getting that click, or (not to insult the long drivers among us here), in just getting that one ball in play out of six.

I want this:

To make a little joke – I may have been raised as a Catholic, but I’m not into “Hail Marys.”

I’m into solid, repeatable technique, and I knew I had it when the swing action I had turned into Mike Dunaway’s down swing, and that I knew what I was doing, and it can only be this action now, because I’ve never come close to the speed I’m generating with the SwingRite with any other action:


So, how are things going with it right now?

Well, let’s see:

I wrote earlier with great excitement that I had reached 100 mph in tip speed with the SwingRite, where before on the 5 setting, I was maxing out at around 90 mph consistently with it.

Last night, I got to 104 mph and was between 99-103 mph  on a dozen swings or more – there’s the consistency and repeatability!

And I’ll be going for more.

I now cannot swing that SwingRite without wearing a golf glove, otherwise I simply can’t hang onto it at the bottom, and I’m not interested either in throwing it through my living room office window where I swing it.

I also can’t swing it more than 10-15 minutes at a time, or my hands will begin to cramp, and of course my back and hip muscles are still acclimating to the slightly different action in this down swing, so some things are definitely afoot here.

I’m thinking I’ll just get it re-gripped with a golf “training grip,” because the molded grip makes it easier to hang onto it, and my grip conforms with the training grip to begin with:


I know this because the Momentus Heavy Iron I got from jh32 a couple of weeks back has that exact same grip, and it’s a delight to swing:


I am very excited as well that it’s been a mild winter, which means I may be hitting balls out of doors in a matter of weeks.  Perhaps as few as two.

That gives me some time to work on the eBook I’m planning for release on Amazon, which will be titled “The Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever,” and to get physically more prepared for what I plan to do with those golf balls.

Spring is nigh, and MCS – Wax Golf are about to attain new highs!

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“Dropping The Hammer!”


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3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know What Leverage Was Before Last Night

  1. D Watts Post author

    LOL – I haven’t had any contact with “J.M.” in a while – he furnished me with the SwingRite stick back in 2010 (I believe), and he just sent me this, after reading up on the latest blog postings:

    Right now, I can say, “I click it at 3!”

    That right there says it all – leverage and not muscle power!!

    Nice to hear from you, J.M.! 😀

    1. D Watts Post author

      Just trying to work it all out, Van. Considering no one else in golf science is bothering to do this or figure it out, I guess I have to volunteer my body and mind and just get’er done. 😉

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