“The Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever”

simplest-golf-swing-book-everIt’s so simple that the actual key to it is in “MCS – Dropping The Hammer,” and I believe I reveal it in more than one explanation on the swing, to David D. (who, while wintering in Florida, has watched the video several times and says he’s still learning things from it even though he was in it!).

Come to think of it, I glance upon the simplicity of it in the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” as well, and if I go through the “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video, I bet it will be in there too – I have never held anything back from you all, so the key is actually in the videos, but I’ll do everyone a favor and distill it from the videos into a simple presentation.

Therefore, the simplest, most basic action for a mechanically-correct golf swing in both description and actual mechanics will be in the first eBook I release on Amazon, and I’m currently beginning work on it.

This book project will replace the initial one I had started last year, but that was to be the definitive MCS swing book complete with explanation of why you do things certain ways, and the leverage aspects, etc., and that will take more time and a longer book than this, so that will come at a later time.

This book will be short, sweet, and oh so simple.

If I haven’t finished it by  the end of the month in fact, I’ll be surprised, because it really is that simple.

How simple?

Well, that would depend on your meaning of simple – how simple is a basic basketball free-throw motion?  How simple is an overhand throw?

While these actions may seem simple, watch the average person shoot a basketball foul shot or throw a baseball, and you’ll know that the simplest of athletic motions escape most people – unless they’re shown and taught it!  Then, it’s a piece of cake.

So, now that the business of 2016 has wrapped up with the completion of “Dropping The Hammer,” I am putting out the proof of just how basic and simple a golf swing motion can (and should, IMO) be.


It will be available on Amazon, hopefully around the beginning of March, and it will put the lie to everything that the modern golf swing industry does and says about the allegedly mystical talent it takes to move a golf ball from one place to another with a swing.

If that is successful, then I’ll move on to the video, which again I’ll call “The Simplest Golf Swing Video Ever.”

Yes, really original stuff here…

More to come!

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

“Dropping The Hammer!”


Or you can download the very latest MCS  video “MCS – Dropping The Hammer , Part 3 of the MCS Golf Swing Trilogy**

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10 thoughts on ““The Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever”

  1. Laser

    “The simplest of athletic motions escape most people – unless they’re shown and taught it!”

    –Certainly, the first half of this is true. The 2nd half is partly true because many athletic motions are learned by “digging it out of the dirt,” as Hogan said. Most classic swingers learned that way. (And, I’m guessing that nobody was taught how to walk downstairs.)

    The phrase “Dropping The Hammer” has reminded me of commercials that I used to see about Gravity Golf. Anyway, I’m quite sure that you realize that gravity doesn’t contribute that much to the swing besides anchor the body to the earth.

    (I don’t think the Gravity Golf people realized that what they attributed to Gravity was really a result of the body being interconnected. They were probably trying to make the point that the worst mistake someone could make is to base the swing on arm power.)

    1. D Watts Post author

      Certainly, the first half of this is true. The 2nd half is partly true because many athletic motions are learned by “digging it out of the dirt,” as Hogan said. Most classic swingers learned that way.

      That is true, Laser – however even the classic swingers had flaws, from minor to major, which would have been eliminated with better knowledge of how the swing works.

      Sure, they did a great deal better than the modern swingers in getting the mechanics, but even Hogan had some funky compensations (why wouldn’t you just weaken your grip if you’re hooking the ball and doing everything else correctly, instead of coming up with all of that “fanning the club” and swinging left and even turning the grips left on your clubs?).

      And don’t discount gravity in the swing – gravity accelerates objects downward at 9.9 m/s2, and if you don’t let gravity work and instead fight gravity (trying to turn into the swing rather than just dropping), you’ll be working against the natural force.

      In fact, those who got the last download see me using exactly that – gravity – to show the proper and natural release of the club.

      Trust me – it makes a difference in the effort required to drive it long!

  2. Laser

    You’ve got more credibility than anyone in golf…but here’s a gravity experiment that I can envision: Just hold a club an arm-length above your head, then drop it and let it free-fall.

    (If you were still holding on when you let it drop, it would be going slower because it would have to move against body resistance, even if the body was trying to keep pace with it. )

    With un-padded parts covered, I’d even let that club drop on my butt or back of my thighs–especially if the dropper didn’t let go, because it wouldn’t be going that fast. However, I wouldn’t wanna be standing in front of a ball when you were swinging 120 mph at it.

    Anyway, with a birthday coming up, I’ve got an idea what somebody can get me from Amazon.

    1. D Watts Post author

      From the “New MCS – Full Swing” video, 2013:

      Gravity alone doesn’t create 120 mph club impact speed – but when you’re trying to produce 120 mph club impact speed, you’re better working with gravity than working against it.

      Q: Kind of like – how do you break your back swinging a 13oz club?
      A: When you’re working against the forces created in a swing (gravity, centrifugal force)…

      When you work with them… the swing is much easier and more powerful, with much less effort than against them.

      From “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, 2017:

  3. Laser

    You might wanna delete this (Jason Zuback, link below)… maybe add it to your personal collection, but take it off your website to avoid confusing readers with something that you have a better way of explaining.

    How about these thoughts as a way of understanding “gravity”? No tension from the elbows down…and leave the hands at the top.

    (3:03) Jason Zuback

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t mind leaving this up – I don’t hear much of anything except his personal “feels” on the swing, which aren’t worth much to anyone who’s not named Jason Zuback.

      And not to knock the most successful long driver of all time (5 Remax Wins, 4 in a row), but he has paid a horrific physical price (I read about his list of injuries and surgeries over the years), which indicate a much higher proportion of muscle power to leverage in his own swing.

      Remember, I don’t knock anyone for how they personally swing, I only point out flaws might be there and what that technique would do to the average person.

      Zuback was a beast, but a guy his size and strength with all of those injuries, and then compare to Jamie Sadlowski

  4. Laser

    “personal “feels” on the swing, which aren’t worth much to anyone who’s not named Jason Zuback”

    –Very true. A “feel” might strike a chord with some people, but not with others. As you’ve written, “If you listen to anyone talk about the swing, even the best ball-strikers ever, you’ll do so at your own peril, as many of the greatest swingers had no clue exactly what they were doing.” That needs to be etched in stone somewhere…maybe at the World Golf Hall of Fame.

    1. D Watts Post author

      If I ever need a quote of mine from something I’ve posted, I think I know where I’ll go – to the Library of Laser 😉

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