Looks Like Tiger Woods Wants To Break His Back Again…

tw-addrThanks to Ben S for linking this video – all I could say when I watched it was, “Wow…”

If you’re wondering why Tiger Woods looked so uncomfortable and was reported to be moving very stiffly and painfully last week in Dubai, you only have to look at his address position on the range.

Looks like he’s back to stacking & tilting, and this story will end as badly as did the one with his erstwhile swing “guru” Sean Foley.

Just see for yourself:


Let’s just check the “good ways to break your back” checklist, shall we?

  • Leaning left (hey, all of you who watched me working with David D. in the “MCS – Dropping the Hammer” video, aren’t you shaking your heads looking at that above picture?) – check
  • Vertical spine – Check
  • Planted heel back swing – Checkaroni

Some people just don’t learn.

Not much more to say about this that I haven’t said a hundred times already.  I don’t know who’s driving this bus, but it’s headed straight for the cliff’s edge… again…

When does TW suffer the injury that will ultimately lead to his retirement from competitive golf?

3-2-1… the clock is ticking…

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7 thoughts on “Looks Like Tiger Woods Wants To Break His Back Again…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Basically, it is, Van – but even worse, take a look at the difference between Tiger 2002 and a couple of weeks back at Torrey Pines:

      Now, take a look at the proper position if you’re going to emulate one of the greatest swingers ever on the PGA Tour, beside the MCS setup:

      Aside: Isn’t it funny that, at the period in which Tiger Woods was considered to be at his peak (and, it could argued, the greatest player ever in a two-three year span – the ’00-’02 period), he was pretty close to what Jack and I are doing, address-wise?

      Then he went to Hank Haney (before Sean Foley), and from there, it all began to go sideways.

      Now, Tiger can’t have as wide a stance now as he did in ’02 because of the damage to his left knee, and of course the amount of twisting in the lower back he’d need to do that with a planted-heel back swing. But if he would only swing with some free hip action, he’d be out there playing.

      Sadly, it seems that it’s more important for these guys to swing a certain way (and incorrectly) than it is to avoid injury and inconsistency.

      Strange choice, but it’s a free world…

  1. hansel777

    The definition of Insanity. This is a sad story, with what looks like a bad ending. You would think one of the greatest players in the world would be more knowledgeable about the golf swing. He’s got coach after coach wrecking his body, with only himself to blame. It’s a real shame, cause the majority of us want to see him play well again.

    1. D Watts Post author

      He’s gone right back to the address position that caused him all of the injuries he had under Foley’s tutelage. So, yeah… the definition of insanity.

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