Sergio Garcia 37 vs Tiger Woods 38

sergio-garciaThe numbers in the above title are relevant ages – Sergio Garcia won the Dubai Desert Classic this past weekend, beating world heavyweight Henrik Stenson for his first Euro Tour victory in three years.

It was a wire-to-wire performance as well, and I’m sorry to have missed it – I was busy wrapping up the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video and couldn’t spare the time.

Sergio is 37 years old, and compare him to Tiger Woods at 38, when all of his various mechanically-unsound moves over the years led to his first out of three back surgeries and essentially ended his competitive career.

Yes, if you are having difficulty accepting that, TW has been done for years now, beginning with that first back surgery, and there’s just something about the resurgent Serigo Garcia that I’d like to show you all:


Thanks to DKondo for getting a good screen grab from a beautiful angle, of that lovely Classic Golf Swing era “floating heel” back swing.

From the Express online courtesy of John Austin:

SERGIO GARCIA moved back into the world’s top 10 after leading from start to finish to claim his 12th European Tour title, and first for three years, in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

… “It was great but it was tough,” said Garcia, whose previous win on the Tour also came in the desert in Qatar in 2014, although he won on the Asian Tour in 2015 and the PGA Tour last season.

This is something that really makes me happy to see – an aging, “modern golf” era swinger who got some good swing coaching from somewhere (I don’t know much of what Sergio does with his swing and with whom, so I’ll assume this change didn’t fall out of the sky), and is now protecting his lower back by using a full and free hip turn to make his golf swing.


Look at that beautiful (and I do think it’s beautiful) whole-body pivot action going back to the top, and that familiar “Sergio-Lash” he gives the ball, with no holding back or leg-snapping through impact!

You won’t see many, if any, modern swingers putting that kind of swing or mustard on the ball at 37, will you?  Most of them are struggling to reach 40 and still be playing.

My only critique is on the left foot action on the follow, a little sloppy, but let’s not make the good the enemy of the perfect – this is a very nice swing change, and the only thing Sergio could do better, really would be to give that leading foot a little more flare and to get more weight off that right toe on the finish.

You sort of know who will be playing golf into their twilight years (classic, floating heel swingers) and who will be… finding another hobby in their 40’s and 50’s (modern swingers)

Well done, Sergio!



4 thoughts on “Sergio Garcia 37 vs Tiger Woods 38

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Goose! Whomever got him to get that heel releasing has prolonged his career, for sure – and perhaps given him enough time to snag that sorely needed major championship! With his talent, he should have at least one, but if he gets that one before 40… who knows?!?!

  1. Jonas

    Was a good tournament. Sadly the Euro Tour televised events are actually worth watching compared to what we get Stateside. Ugh.

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