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On Finding Mike Dunaway

md-dj-finishOnce again, I have proven to myself (if not to anyone else) that you really can’t figure out some things just by looking at them.

With the one exception of having figured out Ben Hogan’s pivot action simply by watching him in video clips and then mimicking the action, I haven’t ever figured out a swing move in any way other than having performed the action and then having seen that it was like someones else’s.

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Sneak Peek – DJ’s Right-Dominant Swing

swingrite-addr-topI shot a quick video clip of the right-dominant swing action I’ve been working on for the last while, and I can’t believe how much more compact it is than what I used to consider my best action.

As you’ll see and hear, this adjustment for me has dramatically increased my speed and power as I use the SwingRite stick for feedback, and today was the first day swinging after having determined what I was doing to get to the speed setting I’m on right now.

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I Didn’t Know What Leverage Was Before Last Night

swingrite-settingsSeriously, I didn’t have any idea what optimal leverage was until last night, when I went lower on the SwingRite setting than I’d even gone the last time I went at it.

The secret to power production and speed, as I’ve said, is to use leverage over muscle power, and of course, when you combine the two, explosive results await you.

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The Trilogy Series Has Concluded – Now It’s Long Drive Time

jn-djI have been going back and forth about what I was doing to do now that my swing research has concluded.

I have thought it was over a couple of times before, but there was always a nagging thought that I might have missed something – well, I can state with confidence that, having cracked the “Dunaway Down Swing,” there is nothing left to look at.

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REAL Sports Science Puts Modern Golf To Shame

zuback-6I linked to the Youtube clip on Jason Zuback the other day while talking about ball speed.

It boggles my mind that Zuback, in the early 2000’s, was around 200 mph in ball speed (Ryan Winther now holds the official record in ball speed at around 227 mph and an unofficial mark of 237 mph).

That’s because I have actually gotten into the mid-190’s without having to live in the gym because of technique over muscle power, but one thing I can tell you – the clip below puts the Modern Golf Swing industry to shame.

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GC’s Morning Drive Messes Up The “Baseball” Analogy

baseball-analogyIf you record the “Morning Drive” show on the Golf Channel, or you’re watching it now on TV – beware the segment on the “golf is like a baseball swing” analogy, because they completely screwed it up.

The baseball swing is NOT like the golf swing in one major aspect that was never touched upon, if you’re going to try what the lady instructor just did (apologies, I didn’t catch her name as I was writing my morning posting and just happened to catch it – I had TGC on to see what the players are doing at this week’s Honda Classic).

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Pullers Or Struggling With The “Drop” – PT II of “Hammer”

jn-djI will be very specific here, for anyone who is thinking I may have come up with something new in picking up a 10% increase in speed on my SwingRite training tool (10% is a conservative estimate, and I’m not done yet).

I haven’t – I am a left-handed person swinging right-handed, and all I’m doing is applying the MCS swing principles in a better fashion – that’s it!

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Even Right-Dominant Is A “Full Body” Pivot

hips-legsI don’t want people to think that, just because I’m transitioning from the “pulling” or left-dominant down swing to the right-dominant or “pushing/throwing” down swing that I’ve gone away from using the whole body.

That isn’t the case.  I was actually thinking about this myself and wondering how it was possible to focus on the right side and still have as much speed and power as my previous “hybrid” swing with a big “pull” component.

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If My Numbers Indicate – Huge Power Increase

speedI have been swinging the SwingRite and it occurred to me to dig out the Swing Speed Radar I’ve got in my bag, and to see what the different speeds would be to “click” the stick on certain settings.

When I had it on my usual setting (around 5.5 – 5), I couldn’t get it to click unless the tip reached around 90 mph, and let’s look at the ratio of the SwingRite’s length to my 45″ TaylorMade RBZ, and what this may portend.

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Dustin Johnson Grabs #1 – Jason Day Fading

dustin johnsonYou all know that I used to be very high on Jason Day, to the point where I was saying, in a stock market term, that I’d be buying Day and selling Jordan Spieth, even with Day’s back ailments.

But that was then, and this is now – I predicted that Dustin Johnson would pass them both, and now he has, with his win yesterday to take the Genesis Open title at Riviera Country Club.

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