LOL – Swing Analysis Of Patrick Rodgers

patrick-rodgers-impactIt’s actually not that funny. I didn’t think he could out-do his “analysis” on Jordan Spieth for cluelessness, but…

Just listen to Peter Kostis’ unbelievable analysis of Patrick Rodgers’ golf swing this weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

You won’t believe it, but then again, Kostis is no longer even trying to be objective in his swing analyses on television, and I’ll prove it to you below, because this has to be actually seen to be believed.

Last year, Kostis tried to play both sides of the fence, and when he was called out on Twitter about it, he had the following to say, underlined in red:

kostis tweet2

You read it there – Kostis said, and I’ll quote him word for word:

Hey! I agree that restricting the hips is terrible!

Hey! Kostis agreed that restricting the hips is terrible!

And of course, remember what I said in response – his TV comments on the modern swing do not reflect that…

So, perhaps he could explain the following quote on yesterday’s “analysis” of Patrick Rodgers’ swing:

“This is the proto-typical golf swing of the future… doesn’t turn his hips very much during the back swing...he really thrives by working the legs, clearing the hips hard through the ball on the forward swing…this is a player who really uses his legs, very very effectively.

Peter Kostis On Patrick Rodgers Yesterday 

Doesn’t turn his his hips much during the back swing… but he agrees that restricting the hips is TERRIBLE.

Unless he’s talking about the swing on TV, of course – then it’s GREAT!

Except that we know it IS terrible, as this is the part of the spine you’re twisting when you make a restricted-hip back swing:


And of course, the question that begs to be asked – since you use the legs to turn the hips, how can you say a player is “using his legs” when his hips are frozen in place during the back swing?


And this is what Rodgers is doing with his legs on the back swing – absolutely nothing.

Some “analysis” there – Kostis points out the frozen hips and… little else…

Oh, except that he does note how Rodgers “stays well back on  his right leg,” which must be his way of saying “there is absolutely no weight shift to the left foot on the down swing,” which is pretty much the definition of a swing flaw and something to be avoided.

You can say whatever you want, of course, but just saying it doesn’t make it so.

And on a face-on view of Rodgers’ golf swing, let’s look at that great, great working of the legs:


Ah, yes – the “right foot nailed to the ground and no weight shift to the left one, so the left foot has to fly up and spin through impact so he can keep his hips turning and not blow his hips and groin apart in the process…” method of using the legs.

This not even the “swing of the future,” as I pointed out a few weeks ago that his move has been around forever and we saw Justin Thomas with the same move in Hawaii…

Patrick Rodgers (24 yrs old) is 6’2″ or 188 cm and 165 lbs or 75 kg – he’s not even the “big player” that Kostis calls him.  He’s Tiger Woods’ size.  And if he keeps swinging in that manner, with the restricted-hip back swing, he’s headed for the same fate.

tiger woods

As for Kostis – this man has no business talking about the golf swing to uneducated viewers – he’s a menace.

But hey! He agrees that restricting the hips is terrible, while praising the same thing just yesterday on television!



15 thoughts on “LOL – Swing Analysis Of Patrick Rodgers

  1. targettom

    LMAO I was saying the same thing to my wife when I saw the telecast yesterday. Glad you caught it.

    Here’s another Kostis review that contradicts what he said in the tweet about restricting the hips

    1. D Watts Post author

      Actually, I was just looking for a Patrick Rodgers swing to look at, since I’ve never looked at him before, and the first video to come up was the clip from yesterday’s round. I was gob-smacked.

      And that Jason Day clip – “a swing that everyone should mimic…”


  2. major tom

    if you look closely Rogers is using his legs – straightening them out at impact to clamp his lower back into a vice between his hips and the harpoon drop while twisting through the shot. OUCH!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      He has admitted as much, Chief:

      He hates restricted hips, apparently, but that wouldn’t be “neutral,” so he praises it on TV.

      And the sun rises in the West as well as the East, because one has to remain neutral, after all…

  3. Bill B

    I lurk here, liking your take on the golf swing, so I had to come and see if you had commented on Patrick Rodgers’ swing. To me he has the most extreme version of the so called “modern” swing I have seen. I can’t imagine he goes much longer without some sort of injury. And Kostis really has zero credibility!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Bill B!

      You are correct – I was looking for some clips of his swing, not being familiar with him, to see what he’s doing – and you’re correct again, it is as extreme an example of the modern swing evils that you are going to find.

      Patrick Rodgers fans get your fill! That swing is not going to last.

  4. Mike Divot

    “This is the proto-typical golf swing of the future”
    “This is a player who really uses his legs, very very effectively.”

    I guess this is Kostis’ way of being neutral. By going out on a limb as a proponent of something.

    Kostis comes across like a guy who has never played golf but has read a lot of Golf Digest.

    You’ve seen videos and articles here and there about “golf myths” (keep the head down = myth, keep the left arm straight = myth, etc). All his analysis seems to consist of myths and disinformation that he got from Golf Digest.

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