“MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot” Sale Is Over Thanks All!

drop-the-hammerAvailable Until New Year’s Eve

A big thanks to everyone who reserved their copy of the upcoming “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” video.

As I had said earlier, I would not be offering this video to the public after its release, so I hope everyone who wanted it got their reservation.

A Happy New Year to everyone, see you on the other side! /update

This is it, my friends – if you are still hungry for additional MCS Swing Theory material, I have laid out everything from my initial ten years of swing research in the previous MCS videos, culminating in the MCS Trilogy (“Ultimate Leverage,” “Kinesiology” & Perfect Pivot) series.

I have said that I will be transitioning to putting MCS into the public sphere and putting the MCS Golf Swing theory principles on Amazon, but before I do, I want to finish it off here on the blog with the upcoming and final “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” video project.

This video will of course implement the new concept to complement or replace the “Swing Angle” concept, a concept which I will call “Dropping The Hammer,” along with a new Perfect Pivot concept on how to make that perfect, circular hip pivot to maximize your golf swing’s leverage, power and consistency.


You will also get to see, as in the “Ultimate Leverage” video, personal and face-to-face MCS instruction, this time with the gentleman you see above, David D., whom I’ve known since I first began the MCS video projects back in 2010.

So, from working with a professional golfer in “Ultimate Leverage,” I am flipping the script and ending things off with a look at how MCS works for the non-professional.

Setting Up The Proper Arm Address Position


There will be a lot of personal takes and explanations on everything from the Fundamentals Trifecta, to concepts and visuals on the swing, all the way to the finish – it will be content-heavy, be assured!

This will be the final video offered on Wax Golf as a personal project for Wax Golf readers and MCS followers, and while I will continue to offer my thoughts on the golf swing, 2017 will likely bring a much different Wax Golf site.

Limited Time Opportunity To

Advance Order – “MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot”


I will be publishing material on Amazon, but since I will have to start from scratch with introducing MCS to the public on that forum, it will be some time before anyone who is into MCS gets additional or fresher looks at the theory past “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot,” which is why this video project is going to be special for me.

That’s about it – I’m already beginning work on this and I want to release it around the New Year – while a Christmas release is a remote possibility, I can’t promise it as a stocking-stuffer – but it will be a great video for MCS’ers to take into the New Year 2017 in preparation for a new outdoor season!

I want to stress that this will not be a stand-alone video – this is a “Part 2,” if you will, to the “MCS Perfect Pivot” video and so it will be assumed that whomever is watching “Beyond Perfect Pivot” will already be familiar with the concepts in the “Perfect Pivot” concept.

I want to thank everyone who provided the feedback on this project, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed – this is DJ’s swan song for personal video projects and I will spend the next six weeks working on it, with of course lots of discussion here on the blog between now and the release.

Once you have ordered, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you’re on the release list, and you will then receive the download links via email upon completion of the project.

Thank you, Wax Nation, for a very full and interesting 2016, and let’s finish the year off in style!

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.**

**”MCS – Perfect Pivot” is Part 3 of the “MCS Golf Swing Trilogy,” now available for download!

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    1. D Watts Post author

      Hello Jim! Thanks for the support, hope you’re still enjoying some golf weather. We’re shut down for the season. Best,


      1. jh32

        Yep will play this weekend, Fri called for 70, still shorts weather, but not the usual weather for this time of year. Although I’ve been known to play in cold weather too. But at 63, the cold gets to me more, so I try to play when it’s at least in the 40’s. Jim

        1. D Watts Post author

          This week would have been great for us up here, with temps in the high 50’s/low 60’s (mid-teens in the Celsius), but I guess they had to cut it off at some point.

          This is a far cry (for me) from growing up in the snow belt a little further north from Lake Ontario, where hockey season would be already in full swing… times change!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Merry Christmas, Goose!

      I’ll be sending a status email to everyone on the list, but it’s looking like an early January release. I was shooting for around the New Year, but I completely miscalculated how the Holiday Season would affect the work.

      Hopefully not too long afterwards though, fingers crossed! 🙂

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