Application Of Power – It Can Be Learned (That’s How I Did It)

dj-7i-impactI am still working on the “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” video which I would loosely subtitle “How To Drop The Hammer,” and I have a few thoughts on this whole business of hammer-dropping.

If one thing makes me impatient, it’s being told I have a “natural gift” when it comes to sports or the golf swing – nothing could be further from the truth.

I am posting past video clips of swings I have made over the years, which illustrate that no matter what model I was using – I knew how to apply power, whatever my swing flaw, but I had to learn how to do it first.

I never touched a golf club until I was 25 years old (I did have a round of mini-putt in Florida when I was in high school, on a track training trip to the Clearwater area midwinter, but that hardly counts now, does it?).

In fact, the first swing I ever made with a club (driver) before my first played round at an executive course, at a hitting net and with a few “tips” from my friend, I completely whiffed and nearly threw my back out.

Although I was hooked immediately that day and probably “played” ten rounds that summer (I started in August so that was August, September and a little bit of October), I was using metal-woods on par 3 holes longer than 150 yards (I remember hitting driver on a 180 yard hole my first day, and not getting close).

1998 – 300 Yard 3-Metal

**This was my last summer playing much golf before I quit in frustration with the modern golf swing and my inability to find a consistent swing.  I later came back to begin my swing research in the summer of 2005.

My longest drive the next summer, wherein I “played” about 20 times (if you’re not taking lessons and you hit the driving range to slap at some balls perhaps two or three times the entire season, is that “playing?”), was 250 whole yards – I remember it was a 400 yard par 4 and my drive ended up right beside the 150 yard stake, and man, was I excited!

That doesn’t sound very gifted, does it?

After 30 played rounds in the space of a little over a year, I should have been doing really impressive things, should I not?

Instead, I remember a grey-haired marshal watching me chunk my 4th or 5th stroke into a creek about 20 yards in front of me, not more than 100 yards from the green (he was telling us to pick up the pace), and the pained expression on his face as he drove away trying very hard not to laugh out loud, that 2nd summer – a natural, I was not.

2009 – 345 Yard Drive

That was in 1996.  Fast-forward to the spring of ’97, where Tiger Woods’ win at the Masters got me excited enough to purchase a season membership at the local driving range and sign up for some lessons.

That summer, I hit numerous drives over 300 yards.

My longest drives on the course were a 330 yard drive into a slight breeze, reaching a 550 yard par 5 green with that drive and a 5 iron, but I was more impressed (as were my playing partners that day) by a 3-wood blast to a 325 yard par 4 hole that went through the green and a group of retired Korean gentlemen who all turned back to the tee, wondering where the ball had come from.

Same guy, a year later – with daily practice at the range and between a half-dozen to eight 30-minute lessons from the range pro.

The difference was that I figured out how to put power on the ball, and it was a combination of the lessons and my own daily regime of hitting balls until my hands bled (and that was before I’d ever heard the name “Ben Hogan”), where I began to get the feel of how to do it.

2010 – 220 yard 7 Iron

Of course, with my left-handedness and the fact that I have a severe spinal twist (scoliosis) that made me come over the top with a steep and very outside-in path at impact (at impact in the standard stance, my shoulders are twisted wide open, and it took years to figure out, and more years to come up with a fix for it).

The funny thing is, without the scoliosis, I might have figured out how to hit a golf ball pretty quickly, and with a competent swing, I might have just enjoyed playing golf in my spare time.

But the inability to build a consistent swing, even though I could hammer that ball (a 320 yard power fade that is really a pull-slice, still has power, would you not agree?) drove me nuts, and so I made it my mission to figure it out, thinking I just didn’t have the wherewithal to do it.

So, the bulk of MCS theory came from my painstakingly studying and breaking down great swings to see what I was missing (when all I was missing was a straight spine), which is why I know what I know about what makes a swing good, great, mechanically-sound, or unsound – I have looked at it all, trust me.


And so, I am taking extra pains in this final Wax Golf video that I will ever produce for this site’s readers, to really get down to how one creates power with one’s position and action, beyond what we’ve already explored in the stance and pivot theory of MCS over the years.

This video will be different, because I’ll be explaining how the setup can eliminate the need for the “Swing Angle” concept by incorporating the “Hammer Drop” concept to let one feel as if one is swinging down the line (everything is a visual or sensation, after all) without coming over the top or going left with the shoulders.

In short – I figured out how to put power on the ball the way I figured out how to swing an axe or sledgehammer with power, and now that we’ve got the whole stance and mechanics to work with, we’ll finish it all off with the Hammer Drop concept.

I actually figured out how to apply power to the ball long before I began my swing research, of course – this whole 11 year journey, in more ways than not, has been a ridiculous tail-chasing exercise to figure out why my down swing was so steep and my path was so outside-in, due to my not taking into account my spinal deformity – until about two years ago!

The New Year is going to be special for all of you who have reserved the download – a few more weeks and you’ll have it!

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS” video shorts available via download.

hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.**

**”MCS – Perfect Pivot” is Part 3 of the “MCS Golf Swing Trilogy,” now available for download!

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  1. Jonas

    I’m really looking forward to this video, DJ. The last one – I know you’ll make it as good as or better than the preceding as you always do! Thanks for all the work.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Welcome, Jonas! Thanks to you and everyone else for your support, as well.

      This has been quite the ride, and whatever happens in ’17, the past year was one for the books. Cheers! 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks DB – I recall someone asking me if I’d “edited” that video because of the speed, apparently, of the down swing. I had to chuckle, as I answered “Of course not!”

      How else are you going to hit a 220 yard if you don’t have high club speed? 😛

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