John Daly’s Son – Great Looking Classic Swing

little-johnI guess it would be no surprise that John Daly, one of the best swingers ever on the PGA Tour, when you’re talking about natural and classic swinging, has given some of that swing DNA to his son, “Little John…”

I would love to see a face-on view, but the action itself is classic John Daly, especially through impact.

They’re playing together at the PNC Father-Son, and if you find any video of this lad’s swing from a better perspective than below, I’d love a heads-up on it!

Still, this is Little John’s action as provided by Kevin Casey for GolfWeek via Twitter:

This is your standard classic golf swing action, complete with the floating heel back swing pivot, and I love how Little John gets through that swing bottom – he’s droppin’ that hammer, for sure!

I’ve taken the video and made a couple of gif.s that show what I’m talking about, with the swing itself:


You’ve got a little left-foot swivel through impact (easily fixed with a flared left foot address and/or by releasing that right toe on the follow), but that swing is for real.

If you wanna see that excellent action through impact, a real hammer dropping action, here is a slower down swing and impact sequence:


It’s funny how John Daly’s was a self-taught swing, and that he was head and shoulders the longest driver in his day – just as the golf world was switching over to the modern golf swing, along comes this guy from Arkansas who could launch the ball off the planet.

Truth be told, Daly was only that much longer than everyone else because he was swinging with a mechanically-correct model – he was long, yes, and longer than anyone in his day, yes – but if they’d been swinging in the classic style, the other pros would have been closer to him in distance.

From Sam Snead to John Daly, the self-taught swingers who excel – all learn how to swing properly, and that’s in the classic golf swing models.

Don’t look now, but you may be seeing another John Daly on the PGA Tour in a few years…

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6 thoughts on “John Daly’s Son – Great Looking Classic Swing

  1. targettom

    Yes. I speed watch. In between practise swings. What else is on TV? Fighting chefs, lopsided football, flat-out garbage programming? I also play guitar when I’m not swinging a club/practise stick.

    1. D Watts Post author

      In the early years of my swing research, that’s all I did. I watched clips of swings, watched golf on TV, and swung, swung and swung some more. Ironically, the better my swing and the more I knew about swing concepts, the less golf I watched on TV.

      I hardly watch any now, but that’s because all there is to see is modern swinging, and the analysis is unwatchable.

      I’d watch Golf Channel again if they brought back the classic programming they had in the late ’90’s… but they won’t, because the first question everyone would be asking would be, “Why did they all swing like that?” and the next question would be, “When did they stop swinging like that, and why?”

      You’re on the right track 😉

  2. D Watts Post author

    targettom just sent me this link – great view up the line of the young man who out-drives Vijay Singh on this hole, by a good margin!

    I’m watching it now, tt – you made me want to see this!

  3. targettom

    there’s also a clip of a 30 yard pitch that he stops on a dime; he actually was getting backspin on some wedges. He bailed out big John several times.

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