The Leadbetter Gambit – The A Swing Was An “Alternative”

a swingThanks to MichaelH. for reminding me of something about the A-Swing, which had completely slipped my mind…

My 3rd day posting about this issue, because it really rankles me.

I would love to know why David Leadbetter forced Lydia Ko into that ridiculous “A-Swing” of his, if it wasn’t for the obvious reason that comes to mind – that it was to make money off her by selling his swing with her as his “Top Gun” using it.

Nothing else makes any sense.  Help me out here.

First, let me throw something at you – the wiki definition of a “gambit,” and I’ll let you decide at the end if what I’m asking makes any sense:

Gambit – A gambit (from ancient Italian gambetto, meaning “to trip”) is a chess opening in which a player, more often White, sacrifices material, usually a pawn, with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position.

Now, in his own words, I will tell you what Leadbetter said when he brought out the swing, and you tell me if any of this applies to Lydia Ko when she switched coaches to work with him.

Remember, she was already a repeat LPGA champion, having won back to back Canadian Open titles as an amateur.

OK, let’s go to the videotape!  Well, actually, the transcript from the Golf Digest piece when he launched his travesty, these are Leadbetter’s own words, and I’ll add questions of my ownwhere I feel they are pertinent:

Leadbetter: Over four decades of teaching this game, I’ve come to realize that the majority of golfers struggle to consistently play well because of issues with the backswing.

DJ:  Did this apply to Lydia?  Was she suffering from “issues with the backswing?”  In what way, DL?

Lydia Ko – July, 2013

Considering that the above was her swing before you messed it up, what exactly was the problem with her back swing?  I mean, it was good enough to beat pros when she was 15 – what was the problem, DL?

Leadbetter: Top players through talent and practice can get by with compensations, but most golfers, if they aren’t in sync, really struggle.

DJ: David, Lydia was among the best female players in the world before she even came to you (two pro wins as an amateur? As a pro, she would have been in the Top 10, easily) – furthermore, she officially became #1 in the world rankings in February of 2015 – how did she need this “A-Swing,” personally?

What was she “struggling” with?

Leadbetter: I’m happy to say I’ve developed a new way to swing that does make the backswing simpler. And that helps improve the efficiency of the entire motion. I’m convinced this new technique will help a great many people play better golf. I call it the A Swing.

The “A” stands for “alternative,” because it’s great for players struggling with the conventional swing.

I’m done with the questions, because there, you have it, folks – this was never about Lydia Ko.  This whole “A-Swing” was just the latest Modern Golf Swing scam foisted upon the public as a “new way” to swing (and I’ll agree, it was new, and it was horrific, to be kind), and Lydia Ko, the 16 year old prodigy, didn’t know what he was up to, and neither, obviously, did her parents.

Here’s the news, folks – golf has been around for over 400 years, and in the Golden Age of golf, they had figured out how to swing properly – there was and still is no need to come up with “new” ways to swing.

My own MCS golf swing theory is exactly that – a return to the swing principles mastered by the Golden Greats (Bobby Jones to Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, etc.) – their swings weren’t perfect, but they were mechanically-correct, and once you get there, you can’t do any better.

Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson have done ridiculous things in their careers (Vijay’s 20+ wins over 40, a record, Phil’s 5 majors, including one in his 40’s while suffering from a degenerative arthritic disease, and Bubba needs no explanation, does he?), and guess why that is, apart from their talent?

They won all of those accolades swinging in the Classic Golf Swing way, and that’s why they have achieved what they’ve done and stand apart from their peers.

This David Leadbetter/Lydia Ko situation is an egregious exploitation of an adolescent girl and her trusting parents, and if there were any justice in this world (but there isn’t, obviously), Leadbetter would not only be held to account for this, he’d never get another student to ruin.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

a swing

So, was it a gambit?

Did Leadbetter sacrifice a pawn to gain an advantageous position, that in the pecuniary realm?

Did Lydia Ko really need this garbage?

You tell me.

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5 thoughts on “The Leadbetter Gambit – The A Swing Was An “Alternative”

  1. targettom

    As bad as it already was, apparently DL could not leave it alone and piled on some more comments, as reported on GC this morning. Really insulted the entire Ko family. The reporter said he crossed the line re his criticisms and “it was not only unfair it was patently untrue”.

    Steve Eubanks is the reporter commenting

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve been to a couple of comment pages around the ‘net per this subject, and the overwhelming impression I get is that DL is really not doing himself any favors with the post-split comments.

  2. Mike Divot

    Those comments of Deadbeater’s are referring to handicap golfers, not a world beater like Ko.

    Why make her do something that’s intended for handicap golfers?

    Might as well tell Usain Bolt to plant his left foot, then his right, then his left … DON’T GET THEM OUT OF ORDER … left, then right, then left again, then right again …

    The guy’s either a quack or a cynical scammer.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Those comments … are referring to handicap golfers, not a world beater like Ko … Why make her do something that’s intended for handicap golfers?

      My exact sentiment, MD – to the letter.

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