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Phil Mickelson Has Hernia Surgery – I’m Suspicious

phil-mickelsonSome of you might find this interesting – I have long held out three players on the PGA Tour, namely Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Bubba Watson (another one would be John Daly, but he has been irrelevant for so long, and has now turned 50, as did Vijay a few years ago, so I rarely mention JD) as models of the “Classic Golf Swing,” apart from the modern swingers.

And now word comes that Phil Mickelson, who had a sports hernia operation in October, has had a 2nd procedure to treat the same injury, which has me suspicious – about the cause, not about whether he had a hernia or not.

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Swing With The Legs & Hips, NOT The Back (Video Clip)

hips-legsI read something Tiger Woods had said before his return to playing tournament golf.

Even now, I realized, he still didn’t get it (although he is swinging with more hip action, but it’s still not what you’d call “free”), and he and most PGA Tour players are still trying to swing using their core and back, which is the death move of modern golf swing theory.

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On Kinesiology (Why Things Work And Don’t Work)

tiger-woods-acl-reconstructive-surgeryOriginally posted September 17, 2015 – Re-Posted as this goes great with yesterday’s posting

The main problem people have with golf swings is that they don’t realize that kinesiology is more than just the study of human motion.

If you look at the actual definition of kinesiology, say from the wikipedia version of the word, you’ll see that kinesiology actually involves much more than the basic (mechanical) motion.

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