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Happy New Year From Wax Golf! (Video Montage)

advance-happy-new-year-2017_3I may not post again before we all ring in the New Year, so let me take the opportunity now to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

I compiled a little video montage from my travels to the U.S. earlier in the year to meet with Wax Nation members and for consultations, just a little taste of what 2016 was like for Wax Golf down south of the border.

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“MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot” Sale Is Over Thanks All!

drop-the-hammerAvailable Until New Year’s Eve

A big thanks to everyone who reserved their copy of the upcoming “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” video.

As I had said earlier, I would not be offering this video to the public after its release, so I hope everyone who wanted it got their reservation.

A Happy New Year to everyone, see you on the other side! /update

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Michael Jordan’s Not-So-Terrible Golf Swing (Part 2)

michael-jordan-swing-seqIn the last posting, I touched upon certain things you might wish to consider when it comes to athletic “greatness,” which is not to be confused with greatness in the skill in playing a game.

You would have some “greats” in a game that were not so much great athletes as they were highly skilled in the other aspects of a game or sport and therefore excelled.

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Michael Jordan’s Swing Is Bad, But He’s No Dummy (Part 1)

mj-topOne might be tempted to say all sorts of unkind things about the swing I’m about to show you all, but I can tell looking at Michael Jordan’s golf swing that, from an athletic point of view, he’s no dummy.

If you remember the hilarious statement offered by the likes of Brandel Chamblee and others back in the mid-00’s, that Tiger Woods was the greatest athlete ever in golf, “perhaps the greatest athlete ever (insert laugh line here) – and anyone who saw Michael Jordan playing b-ball in his prime would certainly have had fun with that incredibly dense assertion.

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**Sigh** – More “Use The Ground” Modern Swing Crap

smylie-kaufman-swing-fundamentals-05Apologies for the title, but the word “crap” is a good deal milder than the word I really wanted to employ.

It’s a compromise, in the spirit of the Holiday Season.

Let’s move on.

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Leadbetter Wonders Why He Got Fired… It’s Called “Exploitation”

lydia-ko-and-her-instructor-sean-hoganThe David Leadbetter situation is even uglier than I thought it was.

Apparently, he wasn’t even Lydia Ko’s main coach, which leads to the unfortunate conclusion (if you have another one, I’d love to hear it) that he was exploiting her for his own ends, and that’s as good a reason to have fired him as any.

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Application Of Power – It Can Be Learned (That’s How I Did It)

dj-7i-impactI am still working on the “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” video which I would loosely subtitle “How To Drop The Hammer,” and I have a few thoughts on this whole business of hammer-dropping.

If one thing makes me impatient, it’s being told I have a “natural gift” when it comes to sports or the golf swing – nothing could be further from the truth.

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The Schizophrenia Of Modern Golf Philosophy

instruction-2014-12-inar02-justin-rose-driverIt gets to the point, if you’re looking at and evaluating the Modern Golf Swing proponents and how they train and swing, you begin to wonder if you’ve gone through the looking glass without knowing it.

I find the lack of any concrete and fixed philosophy in modern swinging to be maddening (although some would say it wasn’t the golf, but that’s another story), because there really is no set theory to the modern golf swing except “Keep That Leading Heel Nailed Down!”

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Phil Mickelson Has Hernia Surgery – I’m Suspicious

phil-mickelsonSome of you might find this interesting – I have long held out three players on the PGA Tour, namely Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Bubba Watson (another one would be John Daly, but he has been irrelevant for so long, and has now turned 50, as did Vijay a few years ago, so I rarely mention JD) as models of the “Classic Golf Swing,” apart from the modern swingers.

And now word comes that Phil Mickelson, who had a sports hernia operation in October, has had a 2nd procedure to treat the same injury, which has me suspicious – about the cause, not about whether he had a hernia or not.

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