Dropping The Hammer – That Feeling Of Power

mike dunaway impactHere is one thing to give anyone who feels they lack power, a bit of hope – you don’t have to have extraordinary athletic skill, nor do you have to build tons of muscle, in order to give your golf swing more power.

It is all in the mechanics, and of course, someone who swings with mechanical-correctness will have an advantage, but there are also tons of swingers/players out there who put good power on the ball – at the expense of their bodies.

Probably the most notable example I can think of when it comes to a smooth “hammer drop” power move is that of Mike Dunaway.


Watching his right arm action through the ball is mesmerizing, but it all has to do with position and mechanics.

Dunaway was a natural – he was bombing the ball and already legendary for his length before he ever approached his long-time mentor, Mike Austin, and I’m sure he improved his mechanics in the following years, but he always had the ability to put the power on his ball.

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few years on the setup, on the pivot action and especially now the “perfect pivot” action that I saw in Ben Hogan’s swing action, and I am now looking more closely at the down swing, impact and post-impact part of the swing.

And all it entails, I was pleased to discover, is having the proper setup at address, in order to really drop that hammer.

It’s all in the positioning, and why you get it down right, you will be able to do what I do, which is to essentially go weeks at a time without hitting a ball and only need a swing or two to get it really going…


Like riding a bike – you never really forget once you’ve learned, however long you go between rides.

So, the year is coming to a close and I’m still working on “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot,” which will feature a whole lot of good stuff on the entire swing, but will also feature “Dropping the Hammer,” which will make a great capstone to the MCS Golf Swing Theory edifice.

On a side note: Tiger Woods plays this week?

We shall see!

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hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.**

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5 thoughts on “Dropping The Hammer – That Feeling Of Power

  1. D Watts Post author

    Here is a clip where I was hitting balls back in May and decided to go after a few at the end… this is some “Dropping Hammer” action, probably some of the best swings I made this year, technically…

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’d have to see if I still have the video clip from which I made that gif. I’ll check…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Beautiful swing. The only thing you could find fault with in Dunaway’s swing model was that slightly center-biased setup, causing the head shift to the right on the back swing. Other than that, flawless!

      Still looking for that clip… gimmie til the weekend if you please…

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